How To STOP Overthinking As A Highly Sensitive Person

How To STOP Overthinking As A Highly Sensitive Person

These parts of your brain are simply described as the emotional side of your brain. You also have a logical or cognitive side. With an HSP we activate the limbic or emotional side more than the logical side. Since our bodies are wired to have more sensitive nervous systems and we have an overactive amygdala this will always create a fight or flight response in our nervous system.

When we live mostly in our emotions it can cause us to have a lot of irrational thinking vs becoming logical to help us through our uncomfortable thoughts. Since we process life more intensely, we are always taking in stimuli and processing them deeply. When this happens, we are living in our emotional brain.

Our minds will continue to overthink and create anxiety in our bodies because we have not begun to,
(1) understand how our brains work and
(2) gain the knowledge to help us learn how to control this trait.

Stop Overthinking Highly Sensitive Person
Stop Overthinking As A Highly Sensitive Person

How To Train Your Brain

Self-awareness is key to beginning to implement this practice. If you are not aware that your mind has begun to wander into overthinking and worry, then you can never stop it. At first, this may be tricky because we are used to running on autopilot that we never stop to think about what we are thinking about.

Instead, we continue to live unconscious lives reliving the same old habits repeatedly that will always give us the same results.

The minute you can catch yourself in a habitual state of overthinking you must realize that this is your overactive brain taking over. Just acknowledging you have an overactive brain and that there is nothing wrong with you will help to soothe yourself vs overthinking that you are overthinking.

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Next is to remove yourself from the thought because the thought is not coming from you, it is coming from a multitude of places, such as programming, an old event, trauma, fear, etc. Once you can practice the art of detaching then you can begin tapping into more logical thinking.

Some people have a hard time accessing logical thinking and this is where self-parenting comes into play.

The ability to think deeply, process a lot of subtle stimuli, and be an empath will always cause an HSP to feel emotionally drained. That is why self-care is so important for someone who is highly sensitive.

Written By Stephanie Lyn
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For a Highly Sensitive Person to stop overthinking means that they need to put themselves first sometimes, and take proper care of themselves. Thinking deeply is not a bad thing by any means, but constantly overthinking about every tiny thing is just going to stress you out more. Self-care is one of the best things for a Highly Sensitive Person and something that can really help stop their habit of thinking constantly.

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How To STOP Overthinking As A Highly Sensitive Person
How To STOP Overthinking Pin
How To STOP Overthinking As A Highly Sensitive Person
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How To STOP Overthinking As A Highly Sensitive Person
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