9 Signs You Might Be a Perfectionist

Signs You Might Be a Perfectionist

You may not have a meticulously organized junk drawer or a closet full of clothes organized by color or sleeve length, but perfectionist traits may still be affecting your life—and holding you back.

How To Know If You’re Being Too Hard On Yourself

Know Youre Being Too Hard On Yourself

To find out if you’re chronically too hard on yourself and doing too much, continually moving the goalpost so you can never feel that you’re achieving what you “should,” ask yourself these questions:

How Self-Compassion Can Fight Perfectionism

SelfCompassion Fight Perfectionism

If we learn to cultivate self-kindness, connection, and mindfulness as we strive toward achieving our goals, any setback we face along the way will be met with greater resilience and mental strength.

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