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Do You Have A Turbulent Personality? 8 Signs To Look Out For

signs of turbulent personality

Are you hard working, goal-oriented and optimistic? Do you constantly reach new milestones and inspire others along the way? Then you just might have a ‘Turbulent Personality’. Read on to find out if you have the signs of a turbulent personality.

What is a turbulent personality?

Turbulent personality, and its polar opposite – assertive personality, are personality traits that indicate our confidence, capabilities and decision making skills. Turbulent personalities tend to be perfectionists and work hard to prove their worth. Turbulent people are –

  • Goal driven
  • Strive hard to succeed
  • Detail-oriented
  • Constantly focus on self-improvement

However, people with turbulent personality traits are prone to anxiety, depression, impulsivity, anger, vulnerability and self-consciousness. Although they are sensitive, they counterbalance these negative traits through personal development and by achieving new goals. Despite being burdened with poor self-esteem and self-doubt, individuals with a turbulent personality are very detail-oriented and prefer to solve minor problems immediately before they become major obstacles. 

They are always driven to do more and constantly look for issues they can deal with. As a result, they often look for negative outcomes in positive situations. Although this may seem like they have a pessimistic outlook in life, these individuals are typically highly optimistic. 

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People belonging to the turbulent personality type are attentive and careful individuals who perfectly balance their anxiety and worries with positive and focused action to prove their own worth. Their enthusiasm and positive attitude can also inspire and bring hope to others. 

But when not managed properly, such enthusiastic energy can make others feel overwhelmed, overpowered and minimized. Showing empathy along with optimism can make turbulent personalities a better leader.

Do You Have A Turbulent Personality? 8 Signs To Look Out For
Do You Have A Turbulent Personality? 8 Signs To Look Out For

8 Signs of turbulent personality

So, do you have a turbulent personality? Here are some of the most common signs you have a turbulent personality –

1. You’re a perfectionist

When you have turbulent personality characteristics, you are always driven to do more, accomplish more and be more. You are always striving to get better and be perfect in everything you do. Although this can help you improve yourself constantly, it can also lead to frustration and burnout in the long run, as we all know perfection is a myth. When you push yourself beyond your limits every single day and refuse to settle, your emotions will become difficult to manage. 

As turbulent people fail to live in the moment or feel grateful & satisfied with what they already have, they rarely feel happy in life. Perfectionism is undoubtedly one of the most notable turbulent personality signs.

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Perfectionism in people with a turbulent personality
Do You Have A Turbulent Personality? 8 Signs To Look Out For

2. You’re sensitive

Being overly sensitive to your surroundings, you tend to be highly anxious most of the time. This sensitivity makes you prone to the spotlight effect, where you overestimate how much others notice or observe you. Feeling like you’re being judged by everyone can make you feel queasy and concerned. You are also constantly thinking about what probable problems may arise in any given situation, causing you to miss out on the positive aspects of the moment. However, your high sensitivity makes you pay attention to even the tiniest detail that others may miss out on.

3. You overthink

Overthinking and worrying excessively is an inherent part of a turbulent personality. You are always worrying about something, whether it is something you said or how someone behaved with you. Analyzing people and situations is a full-time job that you take very seriously. Turbulent people think about every small detail which leads to more stress. 

You also worry about your goals and abilities regardless of how many obstacles you have overcome or what you have already achieved. However, as you constantly worry about things and predict the worst possible outcome in every scenario, you are never really disappointed with failures. You are more focused on the mistakes, learning from them and getting better the next time.

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4. You focus on details

Do You Have A Turbulent Personality? 8 Signs To Look Out For
Do You Have A Turbulent Personality? 8 Signs To Look Out For

Focusing on the tiniest details comes naturally to you. And this ability to look at the details gives you the ability to accomplish things as perfectly as possible. This ability makes turbulent personalities great leaders and mentors as the way they work is something to marvel at. But this can also become a source of stress as being concerned with every little detail can affect your mental health in the long run.

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