10 Signs You Have Found A Soulmate In A Friend

Signs You Have Found A Soulmate In A Friend

Soulmates are not just people you fall in love with; you can find your soulmate in a friend too. Someone with whom you will have a rare bond.

Sometimes some things are, there, right beside us while we keep looking for them everywhere. We sometimes get a friend who always has our back, through thick and thin, through storm or mist, they are always there by our side. Cheering on our achievements and holding us before we fall.

Friendship is different from a relationship but that doesn’t mean it is of some less value. In fact, many times its friendship that’s more honest, comforting, and reliable than a love affair.

soulmate in a friend
soulmate in a friend

The relationships that evolve from friendship are more special and last longer. Having someone who knows you inside out to love you is total bliss.

10 Signs you have found a soulmate in a friend

1. No room for judgment.

Be Curious, Not Judgemental
10 Signs You Have Found A Soulmate In A Friend

Everyone makes mistakes and everyone has a past. A real friendship is where the judgment stays at bay. He/she will never judge you for the mistakes you make or decisions you take, yes there will be arguments and some moments of truth but that is where it ends.

Your friend will be the first one to tell you if there is a truth you need to hear. They can get mad at you and get frustrated but they always will have your back and they will never judge you.

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2. They are the first person you call when you’re in trouble.

You know there is this one person who is always there for you through thick and thin and through hue and mist.

If you ever get in trouble, they are the first one that comes to your mind and they are the first one you call for you know they will never judge you and they always have your back.

Robin Williams Friends, He Was Always Happy
10 Signs You Have Found A Soulmate In A Friend

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3. You share more than just secrets, you like to share almost everything with one another.

They know everything about you and I mean literally everything. There are no secrets between you two. There are things you would not share with your partner but this person right here knows everything and has access to even the remotest stories of your life. And if there is something that someone else knows before your friend, there is a sense of jealousy.

The air of comfort is so thick around you that you don’t give a second thought to things you do. ‘Wanna pee? Alright, I am not looking, go on.’

4. You blend in with the family.

Both of you feel like you’ve always been part of each other’s family. Their home is your home and you’re like children of their parents, you argue and fight with the siblings.

You get so close that at times you forget you’re not blood-related. You blend in so well with the family that you don’t even need the presence of your friend to be there.

It’s Important To Make Friendships
10 Signs You Have Found A Soulmate In A Friend

5. They will be the first to correct you when you’re wrong.

Generally, it’s hard to tell someone we care about when they are wrong. We fear our words might be taken as an insult but nevertheless the truth needs to be conveyed and it is during these times your friend plays the angel.

As they have no hidden agenda and all they want is your betterment you trust them when they have to say something. So when that friend tells you there is something you doing wrong you trust them and you know they are right.

6. You have their constant support.

Friendship Is Not About Who You Spend The Most Time With
10 Signs You Have Found A Soulmate In A Friend

Encouragement is the support one can get in life and if you are lucky enough you have that friend who constantly cheers for you and supports you to reach your goals. He/she will be the first person to congratulate you no matter how big or small your achievements are.

You know you have found a soulmate in a friend when no matter how low you get in life, they will be there whispering words of encouragement in your ears. In difficult times these whispers play a big role to lift your spirit up.

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