Is Your Friend More Than Just A BFF? 10 Signs They’re Your Platonic Soulmate


Platonic Soulmate Signs That Indicate A Loving Bond

You know, soulmates aren’t just people you fall in love with. Sometimes, we overlook the amazing bond we share with a friend—our platonic soulmate friendship.

They’re right there, standing by our side, while we search for that special connection everywhere else. This friend is like a rock, always having our back, through thick and thin, no matter the challenges that come our way. They’re the ones who celebrate our victories with genuine joy and catch us before we stumble and fall.

Signs Of Platonic Soulmate Friendship
Is Your Friend More Than Just A Bff? 10 Signs They’re Your Platonic Soulmate

Friendship might be different from a romantic relationship, but it’s definitely not any less valuable. In fact, it can be even more honest, comforting, and reliable. There’s a rare kind of trust and understanding that forms between two souls who become friends.

And you know what’s beautiful? These friendships often stand the test of time, blossoming into something incredibly special.

Having someone who truly knows you inside out and loves you unconditionally is a feeling like no other—it’s pure bliss. So, cherish those platonic soulmates in your life, for they bring a depth of connection and happiness that’s beyond compare.

This Friendship day, find out if you have a soulmate friendship in your life!

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Platonic Soulmate Friendship: 10 Signs Your Friend Is Your Soulmate

1. No room for judgment.

A genuine friendship is built on unconditional acceptance and understanding. Your true friend will never judge you for your mistakes or decisions; instead, they’ll offer a listening ear and honest advice when needed.

They might get mad or frustrated at times, but they always have your back and will never criticize you.

soulmate in a friend
Signs Soulmate In A Friend

2. They are the first person you call when you’re in trouble.

You know there is this one person who is always there for you through thick and thin and through hue and mist.

If you ever get in trouble, they are the first one that comes to your mind and they are the first one you call for you know they will never judge you and they always have your back.

3. Not just secrets, you share almost everything with each other.

Your connection is so profound that you feel comfortable sharing every detail of your life with them. No secrets are kept between you two, and the level of trust is unmatched. You can be your most authentic self without fear of judgment or betrayal.

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4. You are part of each other’s family.

You might not be blood-related but your friendship goes beyond just the two of you; you feel like part of each other’s families. You blend in so well that it feels like a second home. You share a strong bond with their siblings and parents, making it feel like a genuine family connection.

platonic soulmate
Soulmate In A Best Friend

5. They will be the first to correct you when you’re wrong.

You will find them correcting your mistakes and giving back constructive criticism or feedback. Your friend is not afraid to tell you when you’re wrong, but they do it out of genuine concern and love.

Your platonic soulmate friendship is always aimed at your personal growth, making you trust their advice implicitly.

6. You have their unwavering support.

Encouragement is the best thing ever! We all need that awesome friend who’s always cheering us on, no matter what.

Your platonic soulmate will celebrate your victories, big or small, and their support means the world. When life gets tough, they’re right there with you, whispering uplifting words to lift your spirits. It’s like finding a soulmate in a friend – they’ve got your back, no matter what!

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7. Nothing can tear you guys apart.

Arguments happen, and misunderstandings are bound to crop up, but they won’t tear you apart. You two always find a way to make up after a fight. Your current friendship might have its ups and downs, but one thing’s for sure: they’re the one who’ll stick by your side, no matter what, even when you both have gray hair.

8. Imagining a life without them seems impossible.

You can’t imagine life without them; it feels downright impossible. Those quirky conversations in your own secret language and tagging each other in memes non-stop – it’s become second nature.

All those amazing memories, endless laughter, and unforgettable adventures, you’ve shared it all with them. They bring happiness to your life and put a smile on your face like no one else can. You wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. They are simply the best, and life wouldn’t be the same without them.

Friendship Is Not About Who You Spend The Most Time With
Finding Your Soulmate In A Friendship

9. Sometimes you get protective and jealous when they’re around other friends.

Sometimes, you can’t help but feel a tinge of jealousy when your best friend gets close to others. It’s like, “Hey, that’s my bestie, back off!” You wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world, and if someone else dares to call them their best friend, it’s like all hell breaks loose in your mind.

But honestly, you know deep down that you’re on top of their list, and nothing or no one could ever replace the bond you share. They’re just something you’re not ready to share, and that’s perfectly okay.

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10. When you’re not with them you miss them.

When you’re apart from them, that longing just won’t go away. Your soulmate in a friend is someone you can’t stop missing, not even for a moment.

At gatherings, you find yourself daydreaming about how much better it would be if they were by your side. Their presence is like a magnet, and you can’t get enough of it—it’s what truly brings you joy.

It’s that simple and beautiful connection that makes you realize you’ve found something special, something that fills your heart with happiness and makes life brighter.

If any of these signs resonate with your friend, make sure to wish them happy best friend day! And speaking of your own friend, do they display any of these traits? If so, you might have found your soulmate in a friend!

So, did you find your soulmate in a friend? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

10 signs you have found a soulmate in a friend pin
Signs You Have Found Soulmate In A Friend
Signs You Have Found A Soulmate In A Friend Pin
Signs Of A Platonic Soulmate Friendship
Signs You Have Found A Soulmate pin
Platonic Soulmate Signs
Signs You Have Found A Soulmate In A Friend pin
10 Signs You Found A Platonic Soulmate In A Friend
Signs Found Soulmate In Friend pin
10 Signs You Found A Platonic Soulmate In A Friend
platonic soulmate
Soulmate Friendship ,Happy Best Friend Day, Happy Friendship Day, Friendship Day, Friendship Day 2023
platonic soulmate
Is Your Friend More Than Just A Bff? 10 Signs They’re Your Platonic Soulmate

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