6 Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Respect You

Respect is one of the greatest expressions of love.”

Respect in a relationship is reflected in how you treat each other on a daily basis.

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There can be disagreement at times and even in a healthy relationship you may get into some arguments and that’s where your respect for a partner is tested.

You can show respect by respecting their opinion and fighting fairly. Respect isn’t about having authority over someone or controlling them but the freedom to be yourself and being loved for who you really are.

Respect reflects in our daily behavior could be anything from, Listening to each other

  • Speaking kindly to and about each other
  • Being open and honest with each other
  • Valuing each other’s feelings
  • Giving each other space
  • Honoring boundaries
  • Supporting the passion and hobbies of each other, etc.

Being clear with your partner, however, saves a lot of time and drama, if you ever feel like you don’t like a certain way your partner talks to you or do thanks to you, be clear and tell the ‘I need you too………’.


Signs your partner doesn’t respect you.

1) Your partner doesn’t listen to you.

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Listening is the most essential and basic form of attention and the same for respect. When you pay attention and listen to your partner it shows you’re interested and do care.

Both should be free to speak their mind but when you start to be interrupted, talked over or he/she shows a lack of interest, you are being disrespected and also the communication starts to break down.

Listening doesn’t mean agreeing to everything but listening to your partner and responding. This not only makes your partner feel respected but also strengthen your relationship.

So if your partner is not showing interest while you talk, doesn’t respond and interrupts you talks over, it is a sign that he/she doesn’t respect you.


2) Your partner keeps telling you things are wrong with you

Everyone makes mistakes, nobody is really perfect and the guilt you hold inside for the flaws you possess multiplies ten folds when your partner keeps reminding of it.

It’s okay we all make mistakes, the key lies in accepting it and introducing changes to avoid it. A good partner is supposed to lift you when you fall and remind you of the entire positive things within you.

If your partner keeps telling you what is wrong with you then it is a sign he/she doesn’t respect you.


3) Your partner adds you at end of his/her priority list

Everyone needs some ‘me time’ and that’s understandable but if that is used as an excuse to ignore you than your partner lacks respect for you.

We may get busy with work at times but if your texts or even you in person are ignored purposely then maybe they don’t care. It’s okay to give attention to others but if you are ignored and your voice is answered only at the end then that is a sign that your partner doesn’t respect you.

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