8 Signs You Are With Someone Who Respects You

Signs You Are With Someone Who Respects You

Do you believe respect in a relationship is the most important thing? The below-given article talks about the traits of someone who respects you in a relationship.

A good relationship is all about respecting the thoughts and ideas of your partner. If you want your relationship to be a healthy one, there must be mutual respect.

Everyone deserves to enjoy their ideas and thoughts without someone interfering with them, yes everyone deserves to be respected. Who would want to be in a relationship where they aren’t valued?

Respect in a relationship is a basic requirement

What Are The Signs Of Respect In A Relationship?

Respect in a marriage is crucial for its success

We have listed below a few signs that would tell you how much your partner values you.


Your opinion would matter to them and they will always ask for your opinion before making any decisions, either in their life or relationship. Whatever problem they are in, you would be the person they come to for advice. He/She would listen to what you have to say, they would listen very carefully and will respond to it. If your partner listens to what you have to say, it sure means they respect your ideas. It is a sign of respect.


Jealousy is the official killer of the relationship if your partner doesn’t get jealous when you go out to spend some time with someone else. It sure means he/she respects you and he/she respects your freedom to spend time as you wish. This is only possible if your partner has trust in you.

They would give you the freedom to go anywhere you like on your own, even if there are going to be other guys there. If your partner understands that it’s important to spend time apart, it’s only because they respect the relationship that you two share.

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They would never hide anything from you, even if they think you might disapprove. They would open up to you, even if they are worried about what your response will be. They would surely share anything and everything that you want to know about them, even their past. He/She will be open with you about every single thing. And it is possible only if they have respect and trust in you and in the relationship.


We all know honesty is the best policy. Do you think your partner is honest with you? If your partner respects you, they will not try to shield any information from you. They would never lie to you, in fact, they won’t feel the need to hide anything from you. There will be no secrets in the relationship, they would even tell you about their ex. If there are no secrets in your relationship, it sure means that you are with someone who really respects you.

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What else do you need to realize that your partner respects you? They want to see you succeed and will encourage you to take risks. They would believe in you and they would know that you could handle yourself.

Even if you want to do something that is unimaginable, they’d tell you to go for it. And you may succeed in completing the task and even if you don’t, they know you can handle it. And if you can’t they will be there for you always to catch you before you fall. If your partner encourages you, it’s because he respects the relationship and also trusts you.


Signs of respect in a relationship are the signs of genuine love

They would respect your individuality and your right to have your own viewpoints, even if it’s completely opposite to theirs. It doesn’t bother them, even if you don’t share the same opinion. He/She will listen to it patiently and would never try to change your opinion. If your partner appreciates the differences in opinions as much as the similarities, it sure proves he is in love with you. And he respects your viewpoints.

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Many relationships fail due to lack of privacy, is your partner stalking you on Facebook? Does your partner look at your phone for messages when you are not nearby? Do they get jealous when you are speaking to someone?

If your partner respects your decisions without any question, he/she is the one. They love you and respect the relationship and wouldn’t question your privacy. If they really respect your relationship they would allow you to make your own decisions without any interference from them.

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Keeping his cool during conflict is one of the signs he respects you


A relationship doesn’t work unless both of them work things together. And if your partner really loves you for who you are, they would share your burdens and happiness with them.

They would want you to be with them in every single aspect of their life. And they would be willing to do every single task together, no matter how big or small the task maybe they will be ready to offer their help to you anytime and anywhere. It’s only possible if they respect you and your relationship.

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Written By: Milen Raychev 
Source - IheartIntelligence

We hope the article on the topic of the signs of respect in a relationship has made you realize how mutual respect is necessary for a healthy relationship. What is your personal opinion on the signs of respect in a relationship? What are the signs of respectful love according to you? Let us know by commenting down below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know when a guy disrespects you?

If he downplays your achievements, makes slight of your dreams, disregards your potential, and ignores your opinions, he is disrespecting you.

Can you stay in a relationship without respect?

No, respect is the core of any healthy relationship.

What is respectful love?

In respectful love, both partners value each other’s opinions and seek out each other’s suggestions.

8 Signs of respect in a relationship
8 Signs of respect in a relationship
you are with someone who respects you pin
8 Signs of respect in a relationship
Signs You Are With Someone Who Respects You pin

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