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10 Signs You Are An Independent Thinker

Signs You An Independent Thinker

3. You don’t care about popular opinions 

Independent thinkers are not blind followers. You don’t believe things just because someone told you so. You believe in asking questions and verify the legitimacy of things that are being said, whether by someone influential or by your own loved ones. You have the strength to walk against public opinion and go against the crowd to protect your truth. People who think independently tend to be genuine, are not pretentious and hate showing off. You realize that flawed opinions don’t necessarily become the truth simply because the majority of people believe it.

4. You focus on facts

Independent thinkers focus on evidence and facts first before anything else. You reach your own conclusions based on reliable information, not based on hype or fads. You like to take decisions after carefully considering all available information and applying critical thinking to find alternate routes. You don’t jump to conclusions, you reach there by double-checking every piece of information available to you to ensure it is objective & factual. This is one of the signs you are an independent thinker you can relate to if you are one.

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5. You believe in yourself

Self-confidence is one of the key traits of independent thinkers. You never hesitate to share your opinions because you know they are not based on ego or false beliefs. As you rely on your instincts, judgment, facts and beliefs, you know you are right about certain things and feel confident enough to bet your reputation on it.

However, you also have the strength to admit your mistakes when you are wrong as it is a learning experience for you.

6. You are aware of yourself

Being introspective, reflective and self-aware, independent thinkers are conscious of their own thoughts, emotions and perceptions. You can easily sense when your emotions, thoughts and behaviors are not in alignment with your instincts. As you can clearly see and focus on yourself, you tend to be more creative, confident and open-minded. This helps you to communicate better, make better choices and build healthy relationships.

When needed, you question even your own beliefs to understand what truly matters and to find meaning in life. Self-awareness is one of the most crucial signs you are an independent thinker.

7. You accept differing opinions

Although independent thinkers develop their own opinions, it doesn’t mean they criticize or humiliate others with opposing views. When you think independently, you keep your mind open to different views. Instead of putting others down to protect your beliefs, you simply agree to disagree and give them the respect they deserve. You are highly tolerant and don’t look down on people from different backgrounds, races, sexual orientations or religions.

10 Signs You Are An Independent Thinker
10 Signs You Are An Independent Thinker

You know how to treat people right and focus on building emotional connection with others by highlighting similarities rather than differences. You value others’ opinions as you do your own.

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8. You embrace doubts

One of the most common signs you are an independent thinker is self-doubt. Independent thinkers are not narcissists. They don’t meaninglessly hold on to their beliefs to protect their ego or self-esteem. As an independent thinker, you are full of doubts but you take steps to get clarifications and clarity. You realize that there is no such thing as the absolute truth when it comes to personal opinions and judgments and so there is always scope for doubt. But you thrive in this uncertainty as it drives you to seek more information and make clearer decisions.

9. You never seek attention or validation

Independent thinkers don’t share their opinions or stand their ground to seek attention. You don’t care about getting validated by others as you tend to do the right thing even when no one is watching. You believe in your own opinions even when others don’t. Getting praised or validated is not your objective for developing your own judgment.

10. You seek the truth, even if it’s harsh

Seeking truth is one of the hidden signs you are an independent thinker. People who love to think independently are not content with soothing and sweet lies, they thrive in the brutality of raw and real truth.Independent thinking means embracing the truth, even when it’s unattractive and painful,” adds author Anna LeMind, B.A. You prefer painful truths over false, pretty illusions, even when things turn out differently from what you expected.

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