9 Signs You Are A Mentally Strong Person


Signs you are a mentally strong person

Do you struggle with facing challenges and stressors? Or do you overcome obstacles with patience, wisdom, bravery, and creativity? What makes a person mentally strong?

Mental strength empowers us to deal with challenging situations, reduces our fear of failure, and pushes us towards achieving our goals.

In this article, we are going to explore the subtle signs you are mentally strong.

Being mentally strong can protect us against mental health issues and result in greater life satisfaction.

But what exactly is mental strength?

Mental strength is our ability to deal with stressors and challenges, to be resilient, and confidently perform to the best of our abilities despite the circumstances. 

Are you a mentally strong individual who is unaffected by adversities?

Here are 9 signs you are a mentally strong person who is not easily fazed by life’s challenges.

9 Signs of a mentally strong person

1. You think logically with emotions

You know how to balance your emotions with logic. You understand how strongly your emotions can influence your thoughts. So instead of reacting emotionally, you pause and respond logically.

2. You are not afraid to face your fears

While a mentally strong person may feel overwhelmed when faced with fears, they have the confidence to conquer the fears that hold them back in life. Instead of cowering in fear, you move ahead boldly as you are not afraid of failure or rejection.

3. You accept yourself as you are

Mentally strong people are masters of self-acceptance. While you are aware of your flaws and imperfections, you do not drown yourself in your insecurities. You pursue personal development passionately as you know what you need to improve in yourself. 

4. You don’t stay down after failure

Being resilient, you do not get bogged down by failure. You identify what you did wrong, focus on what you can control, and use your mental strength to bounce back and eventually succeed. 

You realize that the road to success is long and difficult, so you learn from your mistakes, pull yourself up and move on.

5. You take responsibility for your actions

Instead of blaming others, mentally strong people accept personal responsibility for their own behaviors, choices and actions. You have an internal locus of control and believe that the outcomes of your actions, whether positive or negative, are a result of your own competence and abilities. 

6. You deliberately choose to be positive

While it is easy to nag, complain and whine about difficult circumstances, a person with mental resilience refuses to make excuses and chooses to be optimistic. Instead of wasting valuable time, you use your time productively to live a better life. 

7. You are flexible

Mentally strong people know that change is the only constant. So instead of resisting change, you adapt to it. You have a flexible mindset that allows you to keep up with changes even when it’s uncomfortable and make the most of available opportunities.

8. You know when to let go

It’s true that mentally strong people have a “never give up” attitude, but they also know when to hold on and when to let go. You are practical and realistic as you are intelligent and determined. So you are well aware when it is time to shift gears and let go of things that don’t serve you any longer.

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9. You are kind and empathetic 

Mentally strong people understand others’ perspectives and emotions at any given moment. You know how to respect people and treat everyone with kindness, keeping your personal feelings aside.

Can you relate with any of these traits?

Acting tough and being strong are not necessarily the same thing. 

Most of us are mentally strong to some degree, but some of us are more resilient than others.

You can always choose to improve your mental strength, reach your greatest potential and live your best life. 

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