7 Signs Of A Toxic Daughter In Law And How To Cope

signs of a toxic daughter in law and how to cope

In-laws relationships can be very complicated sometimes, especially the relationship between a mother-in-law and a daughter in law. Most of the time, this thorniness is quite subtle and concealed, but then there are times when this sense of dislike can come out in the open.

Most people know how toxic mothers-in-law are, but what about when the tables are turned? What happens when the daughter in law is toxic, and mean towards her mother-in-law?

Just like toxic mothers-in-law exist, so do toxic daughters-in-law. When this happens, the latter might be mean towards the former, and be very cold and distant towards them, no matter how hard the mother-in-law might try to forge a relationship between them. There may be many reasons behind this, such as the subconscious fear that you believe that she is not good enough for your son, the social conditioning that every mother in law is mean towards their son’s wife or that you simply don’t like her and consider her an organic part of the family.

If you have a toxic daughter in law who is always getting under your skin, then you can look out for some signs that might help you to understand and cope with this situation better.

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7 Signs Of A Toxic Daughter In Law

1. She never shows any compassion towards you.

No matter what you are going through, she never shows any kind of compassion or empathy towards you, and she rarely turns up to help you out. The only people who stand by you are your husband, close friends, and maybe your son. As a member of your family, if you find that your daughter in law hardly cares about you and your well-being, then it’s a sign that they are toxic.

At most, she might give you a perfunctory call, but that’s it; she won’t show any kind of genuine concern or empathy towards you and your suffering. She will keep on living her own life without a second thought because, for her, you and your problems don’t matter at all.

2. She will try to create distance between you and your son.

For every mother, their child is the center of their world and someone on whom you can always rely; but that slowly starts to change, if you end up with a toxic daughter in law. A toxic daughter in law will always try to keep your son away from you and will manipulate him to see you in a bad light. Maybe you are too clingy, or too needy, or you don’t give them enough space – the excuses keep on coming, and before you know it, you hardly see your son anymore, except for maybe once or twice a year.

She will emotionally blackmail him and brainwash him by saying horrible things about you, worse still, she might even convince him not to financially support you anymore. She will try to limit how much time he spends with you, how much time the kids spend with their grandmother, and will manipulate him to spend all of his time with her, and ignore you completely. There will come a point when your relationship with your son will decline to such an extent, that he might even stop talking to you.

3. She will always be mean and hostile towards you.

No matter how much love you try to show her, or be nice towards her, she will always be hostile and unfriendly towards you. She always looks irritated and angry, whenever you are around her, and will even go to the extent of ignoring you when you are trying to talk to her. She treats you like a nuisance and an unwanted person and tries her best to stay away from you and even your shadow.

And that’s not all, she will make fun of you in front of others and if you speak up against it, she will say that she’s simply joking. Making you feel unwanted and terrible about yourself is what she does best, and she loves doing this. Her hostility and insensitivity towards you just keep growing with every passing day.

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