5 Psychological Tricks That Evil People Use To Hurt Others

psychological tricks that evil people use hurt others

The world has always been divided into good people and evil people, and it is these evil people who find a certain kind of sick happiness and twisted satisfaction in hurting others and causing them pain. It’s as if they were born to hurt others, and it’s the only thing they know how to do best.

However, hurting someone does not always have to be physical, you know? They can also hurt others by using certain psychological mechanisms to fulfill their desire of seeing others in pain.

Evil people most of the time, don’t have a reason for hurting others; they do it because they LIKE doing it and because they get a strange kick out of it. You might be the nicest person on the face of the Earth, but if they have their eye on you, they can go to any lengths to hurt you, and destroy and your life. It’s just how they are built.

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5 Psychological Tricks That Evil People Use To Hurt Others

1. Distortion Of Consequences.

Distortion of consequences is a psychological mechanism with the help of which a toxic person tries to undermine and minimize the impact of something they did. They will distort the fallout of their actions in such a way, that you will start believing that every screwed-up thing they did is logical and justified, and it’s you who is the problem, not them.

This is one of the most favorite psychological tricks of narcissists and sociopaths because they are always looking to manipulate others to fulfill their shady and toxic motives. They will manipulate the consequences of their actions in such a way, you will continue to feel beaten down and broken, and they will pretend as if you are just overreacting and making a mountain out of a molehill.

2. Moral Justification.

Toxic people will always have a hundred reasons up their sleeves for justifying their toxic and disturbing actions, and one of them is their most powerful weapon, which moral justification. Moral justification is their trump card and their most coveted weapon, whenever they want to hurt others, without letting the other person see their true colors.

Moral justification is when someone attaches a noble reason behind their actions, no matter how twisted and toxic they might be. They will try to convince you that what they are doing is right, because they have your “best interests” at heart, and it’s the “right thing to do”. Are they controlling everything about your life? It’s because they love you and care about you. Did they forbid you from going out with your friends? It’s because they think that your friends, who you have known for years are not your real friends, and are just taking advantage of you.

Evil and toxic people will keep on hurting you, but will always have a moral justification ready for explaining their hurtful and devious actions. And if you try to call them out on this, they will immediately manipulate the situation, and make you out to be the ungrateful and heinous person, while portraying themselves as angels.

3. Guilt Projection.

Projection of guilt is one of the most common methods of toxic people when they really want to hurt others. Guilt projection is when they try to justify their actions by holding someone else responsible for them; if they did something wrong, it’s because they were “pushed” into doing that. For example, if they are physically abusive or violent towards you, they will never admit that they are the one who is abusive. Rather, they will try to justify their actions by saying you made them angry and you pushed them over the edge.

Never expect a toxic person to admit their mistakes, because they will always find some excuse or the other, to make it look like you are the culprit and they, the victim. But the interesting thing about all this is that deep, down inside they know who they are as an individual, but they are too cowardly and weak to acknowledge it. That’s why they project their guilt, wrongdoings, and toxicity on other people, just to hurt them and remain in delusion.

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