7 Signs Someone Is ALWAYS Playing The Victim Role


5) They hold grudges. 

The victim puts others down and finds fault in people to gain a sense of superiority. If you fall out of her graces, she will harbor her grievance against you and covertly seek to get revenge.


6) They have trouble being assertive.

The victim struggles to ask for what she wants and needs in life. She lacks healthy relationship boundaries and she is unable to stand up to someone who mistreats her.


7) They will cut you out of their life.


If you try to make her look at the truth about her hurtful behavior, she will suddenly and emphatically cut you out of her life and then she will trash you to others to get people to side with her.

In a nutshell, Rita dwelled on her hurtful past, telling sad stories about her childhood and marriage. She blamed everyone and everything for the problems in her life. She was extremely suspicious of others and she instigated gossip to turn her friends against someone she imagined had mistreated her. She held her boyfriend responsible for her toxic relationship, and yet she was afraid to stand up his abuse because she feared his anger or he would abandon her. When I tried to make her face the truth about her irresponsible, self-destructive behavior, she immediately cut me out life and she began confiding her problems to another girlfriend

Written By Nancy Nichols

Originally Appeared On knowitallnancy.com

Printed With Permission

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