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Signs of a True INFP

Amongst all the Myers-Briggs personality types, INFPs are considered to be the Healers of the world. Compassionate, kind, warm-hearted, and empathetic, INFPs always look for the good in people and strive to spread as much kindness as they can in the world. 

They are sensitive and down-to-earth and always try to help others. Introverted and creative, their hearts are a bounty of beauty and magic. 

Some of the most famous INFPs include Lisa Kudrow, William Shakespeare, Princess Diana, David Attenborough, and Heath Ledger.

Even though they might be hard to discern, a few defining signs always give them away. Ready to know what they are? 

Now, let’s take a look at the signs of a true INFP.

10 Signs Of A True INFP

1. You are a romantic daydreamer. 

You have a colorful soul with a rich inner world. You are a deep thinker who loves pondering philosophical things. 

You love daydreaming and your imagination knows no bounds. Sometimes you get so caught up in your thoughts, that you completely forget about the outside world. 

2. You are all about morality and values. 

You put utmost importance on good values and a strong sense of morality. You respect honesty, sincerity, loyalty, and diligence. 

You never compromise with your values and ethics, and no matter what happens, you always do what’s right, not what’s easy or more tempting. 

3. You are an old soul. 

Self-reflection is something that you are very good at, and honestly, you love doing it. Compared to other people, you are always more mature, intelligent, and wise. 

You have the ability to understand people and situations better than others, and almost all the time, your observations and intuition are bang-on. 

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4. You are very reserved and introverted. 

You are very introverted and need a lot of time alone time to function. You are not antisocial, but you are very picky about who you hang out with. 

However, when you are with people you love and feel comfortable with, your extroverted side comes out. You get very energetic and animated while talking about the things you are passionate about. 

5. You are an extremely optimistic person. 

You can be very optimistic, and even though that’s an admirable trait to have, sometimes your optimism makes you too naive. 

You always try to see the good in people and choose to selflessly trust them. Your optimism is like a breath of fresh air in this bleak and negative world, and everyone instantly feels better whenever you are around. 

6. You have a hard time dealing with criticism. 

Not a lot of people realize this, but underneath that calm exterior, lies a sensitive heart and soul. Because of your sensitive nature, you find it hard to deal with criticism. 

Negative feedback, insults, and hurtful words are always hard for you to bear. You might not show your pain, but your heart breaks every time you are subjected to these. 

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7. You find social interactions tiring. 

If given the chance, you would any day stay in your room and spend time by yourself, instead of going out and partying. Socializing is something you find intimidating and tiring. 

You are someone who loves observing people and having deep, thoughtful conversations with them. Small talk and superficial conversations are not your cups of tea. 

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