8 Subtle Signs of a Psychopath Female: Recognizing the Dreadful Indicators Before Its Too Late


Subtle Signs of a Psychopath Female: What Experts Say

Psychopathy is often seen as a male-dominated trait, but what happens when it’s veiled under feminine charm? The signs of a psychopath female, or the mind of a female psychopath is not a topic discussed frequently, yet it’s a reality that can sometimes be right under our noses.

Unlike their male counterparts, female psychopaths may not always resort to physical violence, but their emotional manipulation and icy indifference are no less damaging. With a sweet smile and comforting words, they skilfully hide their inability to feel empathy or remorse.

Their charisma can draw people in, making it easier to exploit relationships for personal gain. They mimic emotions they can’t feel, creating a façade of normalcy.

As we dig deeper into the dark corners of the mind of a female psychopath, and discuss the warning signs of a female psychopath, we uncover a disturbing yet captivating realm of psychological exploration. 

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The Mind Of A Female Psychopath: Who Is A Female Psychopath, Really?

A female psychopath is a woman who has certain personality traits and behaviours linked to psychopathy. Psychopathy means having a lack of empathy, shallow emotions, and being manipulative. Female psychopaths often seem charming and charismatic, and they use this to manipulate others for their own benefit.

They can be good at hiding their true intentions and may do things that are dishonest or exploitative. It’s important to remember that psychopathy is rare in both men and women, and only professionals can accurately diagnose it.

8 Signs Of A Psychopath Female

1. She always has a close relationship with her victims.

Signs of a psychopath female

One of the biggest but at the same time subtle signs of a psychopath female is this.

Female psychopaths often get close to their victims, usually picking people they already know over strangers. Unlike male psychopaths, they use this closeness to their advantage. She might use flirting or sexual relationships to draw in people with money or power.

Once these people are hooked, they find themselves trapped in a web of lies and tricks all set up to benefit the female psychopath. This behaviour really shows the cold-hearted side of a female psychopath who doesn’t feel any guilt when hurting or using others, even if they are close friends or lovers.

Their actions expose a frightful level of carelessness towards the emotional pain she inflicts, showcasing a disturbing side of psychopathy.

2. She loves to ‘steal’ other women’s husbands and partners.

Signs of a psychopath female

In a 2022 BBC interview, a female psychopath shared her tale of having an affair with a married man, just for the thrill of it. She spiced things up by sending revealing photos to his wife when she got bored. This story sheds light on a nasty habit some female psychopaths have – they love to steal partners, especially enjoying it when they can snag the significant others of their friends.

It’s like a twisted game to them, where she gets to show off and cause some drama. This malicious hobby is more than just a love triangle; it’s a sign of the cold, calculated moves female psychopaths make, hiding their real intentions while stirring the pot right under everyone’s nose.

Signs of a psychopath female

3. She is willing to use any means of deception to get what she wants and desires.

Signs of a psychopath female

One of the major signs of a female psychopath is that she will leave no stone unturned to get what she wants. And I don’t say that in a good way. 

She has a sneaky way of getting what she wants, unlike male psychopaths who often just take it. For example, she’s more likely to be caught for scams or blackmail, instead of physical or sexual assault like male psychopaths. This kind of crime shows how cunning and crafty female psychopaths can be, often cooking up convincing stories or lies to trick or control people.

Their actions, more about being sly than violent, reveal a scary skill for manipulation, with every lie carefully built to hide their bad intentions. This tricky behaviour doesn’t just show how twisted she can be, but also highlights a creepy talent in betraying trust, all while keeping a straight face.

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4. She is emotionally unstable and extremely volatile. 

Signs of a psychopath female

When trying to understand the mind of a female psychopath, it’s important to understand that she often rides an emotional rollercoaster, a stark contrast to the cool, detached demeanour of male psychopaths. While men in this camp usually have a tight grip on their emotions, the ladies tend to struggle keeping theirs in check.

Studies highlight that female psychopaths often battle depressive feelings and mood swings, making their emotional world pretty turbulent. She also tends to get tangled up in anger and jealousy much more than her male counterparts.

So, while male psychopaths come off as cold and unfeeling, female psychopaths are more likely to display a whirlwind of emotions, making their version of psychopathy a stormy one.

5. She can come across as very smart, charming, and knows exactly how to behave in front of others.

Signs of a psychopath female

One of the subtle signs of a psychopath female is this one. 

A psychopathic woman has a charm that hides her true colours. She’s a pro at copying the right emotional reactions from others to blend in. She might act caring or play the victim to get sympathy, but beneath that, she is extremely are cold and mean.

Sometimes, a tiny sneer or bitter tone can give her away. She loves tricking people and enjoy seeing others hurt. She can climb up in the world with her fake charm, even if she isn’t that skilled. Moreover, she quickly gets bored and stirs up trouble for fun, both in real life and online.

Even as kids, she might have shown signs like being cruel to animals or bullying. Female psychopaths pick on people they feel threatened by or are jealous of, showing their nasty side more and more.

6. She finds it hard to keep her anger in check for a long time.

Signs of a psychopath female

Female psychopaths often have a short fuse. She tends to get irritated easily and can often burst out in anger. Unlike most people, lashing out seems to give her relief instead of guilt. She might even think she has every right to get angry and act aggressively, often pinning the blame on someone else.

This quick temper, acting on impulses without thinking, is a reason why female psychopaths find it tougher to get by in social settings compared to men. She just can’t hold back her anger for long, and that often lands her in hot water and sticky situations.

7. She displays her aggressive side indirectly and as much as she can, subtly. 

Signs of a psychopath female

One of the major warning signs of a female psychopath, and a sign that will help you understand the mind of a female psychopath is this. 

She can be as aggressive as a male psychopath, but her style is less in-your-face. Instead of getting physical like guys might, she prefers to play mind games. She will spread rumours, leave people out on purpose, or get others to gang up on someone.

Some psychopathic women can also threaten to hurt themselves to manipulate others, or throw nasty names around when they’re mad. So, while her aggression is more about stirring up drama and messing with people’s heads, it can be just as damaging and is a way they unleash her anger and control over others in a sly, underhanded way.

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8. She feels no remorse in exposing and leveraging personal information and secrets that other people have confided in her.

Signs of a psychopath female

Another one of the major signs of a psychopath female is her utter lack of morals and remorse. 

She loves to use what she knows against you, especially stuff you’d prefer kept quiet. She has a knack for turning secrets into tools for blackmail, manipulation, or control. For instance, she might threaten to spill the beans about a boss’s past affair or addiction unless she gets a pay raise.

Moreover, she is also big on gossip and spreading lies to make others look bad, which is just another sneaky way she shows her aggressive side. So, while she might seem trustworthy at first, she’s actually collecting ammo to use against you later, making her a dangerously crafty friend or colleague to have around.

Signs of a psychopath female


Psychopaths, lacking empathy and remorse, are pretty dangerous as they often hurt others without a second thought. Female psychopaths are rare and trickier to spot since their nasty traits are often masked differently.

Knowing the signs of a psychopath female and having a solid understanding about the mind of a female psychopath can help keep such dangerous personalities at arm’s length, ensuring a safer social circle.

Have you ever seen any signs of a psychopath female in someone you know? Have you ever noticed any of these warning signs of a female psychopath in your workplace or social circle? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

Signs of a psychopath female
warning signs of a female psychopath

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