7 Signs You’re More Than Just Friends

Signs You're More Than Just Friends

You know you have become more than just friends when you would feel like telling them every little thing that happens in your life. Your bond has grown into something that automatically pushes you towards them, without you even trying. Unless they are a part of your life, and everything that’s happening in it, things seem incomplete.

“The best foundation for relationships to grow, flourish, and succeed is a deep-rooted friendship.” ― Jonathan Anthony Burkett

Love doesn’t come announced. What might seem to be a friendship can eventually become love with due course of time and most of the time, we aren’t even aware of it. But the signs of this transformation are very prominent.

Here Are 7 Signs You’re More Than Just Friends

1. You call them first for anything and almost everything.

Whatever happens in your life, they are the first people you call, and you are always in touch with each other. Even when the most minor thing happens in your life, you call them and talk to them for hours. It might not even be relevant to them, but they will still talk to you about it, and stand by your side without any hesitation.

Compare how long you talk to your actual best friend, and him, and you will get your answer. It’s a normal thing to hang out with your closest friends every other day, but it’s a sign that you are more than just friends when you cannot stay a day without seeing each other.

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2. You know they will always be there to lend you an ear.

Whenever you need to share something, you call them up. Whenever you are going through something crappy, they are there to make you feel better about everything. They listen to all the big and small things of your life and considers them important. No matter who is there beside you, you will always find them with their unfailing support.

People normally listen patiently to people who they care about a lot, and who mean a lot to them. So when your ‘friend’ is always attentive towards you, and never gets tired of listening to you and supporting you, know that there are some strong, genuine feelings there.

3. You hang out with each other all the time.

You are definitely more than just friends when you hang out with each other all the time, and they are your constant companion. No plan is complete without them, and you also don’t feel like attending any events where they won’t be there.

This also means that the two of you enjoy each other’s companionship and never get bored of each other. No matter where you go, your eyes always search for them, and you feel better knowing that they are close by you.

4. You are constantly touching each other.

Do you touch each other a lot without even realizing it, or even thinking that it’s weird? Physical touch is a big indicator that you guys are into each other, and want each other in a romantic way. When you notice that you are always touching each other for even the smallest of things, then know that your friendship is changing, and going on the romantic route.

When you feel a certain kind of chemistry between each other when you hold hands, even casually, you know there is something more between you than plain, old friendship.

More Than Just Friends
7 Signs You're More Than Just Friends
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