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Child Sexual Abuse : Understanding The Dynamics And Signs Of Sexual Abuse In Children


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Child sexual abuse is a tough subject to negotiate for victims, caregivers as well as third party investigators and law-makers.

It is not a context that a child can come to terms with or articulate easily. But if you’re a caregiver, law-maker or someone keen to understand child sexual abuse and its impact better, knowing symptoms can take you a step ahead.


1. A look at child abuse on the global level

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2. Signs of child abuse

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Sunanda Pati
Sunanda Pati is a certified expressive arts therapist and facilitator and a freelance creative writer. Having developed an early interest in psychology and later various forms of bodywork, she has actively worked in knowing her own inner world and processing various traumas. She believes every person is blessed with an endless reserve of inspiration, courage and wisdom. Sunanda lives, writes, practices and facilitates in Bangalore, India. More of her writings can be found at : She also runs an expressive arts initiative of the same name (Gaia Comes to the City), which can be found on Facebook.
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