Introverted Indicators: 8 Signs An Introvert Does Not Like You

Introverted Truths: Signs An Introvert Does Not Like You

We can never tell what introverts are thinking, since they can be quite mysterious and contemplative. Although they are not as open about their emotions as our extroverted friends are, there is evidence that they may not like certain people. Let’s look at the signs an introvert does not like you, and may never will.

Imagine you are talking to an introvert, someone who does not dance upon airwaves with confetti, and does not somersault for fun. Instead, they are like a closed treasure chest containing fascinating hieroglyphs about the heart.

Here we will go exposing those secret treasures to you. We’ll be exploring the world of introverts in general and give some obvious signs an introvert does not like you and maybe don’t want anything more than just being friends with you.

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8 Signs An Introvert Does Not Like You

1. They don’t put any effort in getting to know you.

This is one of the most obvious signs an introvert does not like you. If you notice that they are not at all curious to know you on a deeper level, then it’s very clear that they don’t really care. It’s only natural to want to know more about someone when you first meet them.

When an introvert is not interested in getting to know you, they won’t waste any time in asking you about your life and yourself; they won’t even ask you how your day was. On the other hand, if they genuinely like you, they will definitely make an effort to talk to you and get to know more about you.

Signs an introvert does not like you: when they don't feel comfortable talking with you

2. They feel uncomfortable and uneasy when you are around.

One way you can tell an introvert doesn’t like you is when they start feeling uncomfortable whenever you are in the vicinity. This can be confusing because they might appear distant and it may look like they bear a grudge against you.

Since it makes them feel uncomfortable, this behaviour may indicate that they are not interested in you or don’t like to socialize with you. If an introverted person leaves a gathering as soon as you join in, there is a possibility that they don’t like hanging out with you and don’t consider you a good friend.

3. They behave very curtly when speaking with you.

When an introvert ignores you or behaves shortly with you, that’s one of the major signs an introvert does not like you. Like, at all.

People often find themselves talking too much when they are with people they really like. At times, people may not like the person they are interacting with and it is reflected in the replies that are brief or complete silence.

If you realize the introvert in your life always speaks to you or answers in short sentences or remains quiet when you are around them, it might mean that they do not desire to see or hear from you. Sometimes such brevity can be a way of saying, ‘I’m just not into you.’

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4. They never respond to your texts, nor do they pick up and return your calls.

When introverts feel bothered or upset, they tend to seek solitude, and the same applies when they’re annoyed with someone. Unlike extroverts, who might express their anger by shouting over the phone, introverts opt for silence.

They have no desire to engage with the person causing their irritation, so they’ll go to great lengths to dodge any form of communication, whether it’s in person or on the phone.

Interacting with the source of their frustration stresses introverts out, so their response is to distance themselves from that person, at least until they either forgive or forget what caused the annoyance in the first place.

5. They stop talking whenever you are around.

Introverts can be quite chatty among close friends yet they become silent once you are there. You seem to suddenly realize that they are uncomfortable when speaking in front of you.

You will see them go quiet, or simply nod their head. Sometimes, they may have no expression on their face until you look away. They do not want to sound impolite, but the truth is they don’t like your presence so much.

This is their way of saying without actually saying it that they would prefer it if you were not around. This is easily one of the most obvious signs an introvert does not like you.

Signs an introvert does not like you

6. They are very indifferent and uncaring towards you.

One of the biggest signs an introvert does not like you is when they behave indifferently towards you. They will not show you their annoyance, nor will they try to hold you accountable for anything; they will simply close up and behave as if you don’t exist.

And the thing is, indifference is way harder to tolerate than anger and annoyance. But that’s how introverts are. If they don’t like you, they don’t like you, there’s nothing you can do to change their minds.

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7. They show their dislike towards you through their body language.

When an introvert ignores you, take it as a sign that they really don’t like you. Not looking at you when you are speaking to them, turning their shoulders away from you, and constantly having a defensive stance are all signs an introvert does not like you and are not interested in engaging with you.

This is one of the best ways to understand whether or not an introvert regards you in a positive way or not.

Introverts are generally not very confrontational, so chances are they will not go up to you and tell you what the problem is. They will simply let their body language and facial expressions do that for them.

8. They never make plans with you.

Imagine having someone in your life who never initiates meeting up with you. They don’t ask you out for coffee or suggest going to the movies with them. Moreover, they do not even bother to keep in touch or reach out once in a while, even if it means sending a text or making a quick call.

This is one of the most obvious signs an introvert does not like you. To put it differently, they are not making any effort of connecting to you or spending time together with you.

This lack of initiation could be a strong indication that they may not want to be around you or they are not particularly interested in building a closer relationship. It is like an unspoken signal that they are not bothered about you being part of their life.

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Have you noticed any of these signs an introvert does not like you? When an introvert ignores you, how does that make you feel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

when an introvert ignores you

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