10 Secrets To Make Your Relationship Last A Lifetime

 April 08, 2017

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10 Secrets To Make Your Relationship Last A Lifetime

Everyone wants to be understood and communication is the tool to promote understanding and empathy. Non-verbal body language in the form of touch is also a crucial aspect of expressing. Cuddling is like telling your partner ” I feel you.” “I get you.”


finger pointing

3. Stop playing the finger pointing game at each other:

Often in a relationship, when something goes sour, we have a tendency to place the blame on the other person. It is in fact tempting to feel angry and disappointed with your partner when you are stressed about life and work.

You cannot expect to “change” your partner and cast him or her in defensive light.

The result is that neither changes and there is no one to take the responsibility for the wrong. The idea is to not chastise and seek the best in your companion. The idea is to change oneself and address one’s own flaw. This increases optimism and both feel motivated to make things work out.


4. Relax in your spare time and introspect:

Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.  ― C.G. Jung

It is important to be the one that `attracts and gives attention. The happier and jovial you feel, the better it is for your relationship. You can switch to decaf, do some morning yoga or even listen to relaxing music.

Spend some time in solitude to rejuvenate your senses from being over saturated with stimuli. All this will soothe your senses and help you reflect on your life and companionship. It makes you relationship ready and makes you feel good.


5. When in a conflict, fight fair and square:

Conflict is a normal part of every relationship. You need to handle your relationship well with the right frame of mind and problem solving abilities.

Conflict should lead to greater intimacy rather than silent seething sessions. Learn to stay away from attacking personally, criticizing, confronting and from discussions escalating into verbal fight matches or even physical violence.

Call a truce and walk off to cool when things get out of hand!


6.  Find yourself time to argue:

Do not fight on the fly. If you are dealing with conflict, you need to stop yourself from getting distracted and stay away from potentially tough talks if you are tired or even hungry.

Avoid drinking or even smoking when you are heated and disturbed. Talk things out face-to-face with your partner when something is truly bothering you about the relationship or a behaviour that came from your partner.

All this will go a long way in achieving positive results in the talk.


7.  Listen and communicate freely:

“Indifference and neglect often do much more damage than outright dislike.”
― J.K. Rowling

It is a time tested truth that good listeners are great lovers. You need to listen more often and pay attention to what your partner has to say before you reach a conclusion. Speak less but communicate openly.

Stay focused and stop blaming or interrupting. Never turn combative.

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