9 Signs You’re In A Good Relationship


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Signs Youre Good Relationship

We all want to be loved and wanted by the right person. But sometimes the person we love might be right but the relationship doesn’t go right. What is it that sets apart a relationship that is right from the one that is wrong? What are the signs of a good relationship? Discover if you are in one

Relationships are tricky things. We often realize that we are in a bad relationship but end up sticking to it because we have already been in it too long. Sometimes we are too blinded by love to see if we are nurturing a dead relationship or not. The other times we are in a completely healthy and overall satisfying relationship but end it because we are not sure of it!

So, how do you get sure when to cut the cord and when to call the shots? 

While deal-breakers for everyone are different and they are subjective to each person out there. But there are certain signs that tell you whether you are in the right relationship or not. You must be asking, why do we need to know if you are in the right relationship or not?

To save your time love and effort from being wasted. These signs of a good relationship can work as potential solutions to transform your relationship into a healthy relationship. Read below on how to know if you re in the right relationship.

Here are 9 signs you are in a good relationship:

Signs In Right Relationship
Dating The Right Person — Here’S What Makes A Good Relationship?

6 Reasons Why The Right Relationship Is Absolutely Worth The Wait

1. Zero mind games.

Often with time, our relationship dynamics change. While these changes are natural but the way you handle the change makes all the difference.

The differences in the relationship start coming in when silence invades the space, unrealistic expectations are made, complaints start pouring in, suppressed resentments, grudges build and when sex becomes mechanical, love fades and each other company becomes mundane and interruptive.

We start manipulating each other to sort things out instead of resorting to more mature techniques of resolving conflicts. If you are using love, appreciation, understanding, open communication, forgiveness and respect in the relationship as a way to sort things out, instead of playing filthy mind games, you are doing it right.

2. You both have the same objective.

Individuality is essential as too much dependency on the other person might hamper the growth of the relationship. Fused personal boundaries are also unwanted. But when two people have similar mental set up and their belief system matches, understanding between the partner’s increases.

If one of you wants to grow, accept and move forward in the relationship and the other person wants to stay stuck up in the mess, regretting and holding negativity regarding the relationship, the relationship becomes stagnant. It’s important for both the partners to be on the same page.

3. No barriers to communication.

Certain communications are difficult as you know they will eventually hurt you or your partner. But communication is not just an important tool for a successful relationship, it is the relationship. Listen without defending and speak without offending.

Both partners need to have open and honest communication. The truth is better out at the earliest. Chasing a lie will never get you to your destination. Clear doubts and sort things out. If the communication between you both is meaningful and not argumentative then you are going in the right direction.

4. You back each other up.

You both are a team and a sporty team for that matter. You never let the other person hit rock bottom. Mutual support and strength are what you provide for each other. If one lags behind, the other person kicks in the motivation to move on.

Not only that, you inspire each other to be a better version of oneself. This constant wish to thrive the change and embrace overall growth is what makes your relationship a positive one.

signs of a good relationship
Signs You’Re In A Good Relationship

5. Unrealistic expectations are strictly restricted.

Every authentic thing is imperfect. If you struggle to find perfection in your partner, you will do so in vain. When we put unreasonable expectations on our partner we fail to enjoy and appreciate what we already have.

A relationship that runs on realistic goals and expectations will survive all the hurdles that come forth. Accept your partner as he or she is, without complaining about all the things you are missing out on. Look for things you have that other people might be missing out on and feel lucky.

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6. An authentic expression of emotions.

Love is all about being able to tear down to the flesh and blood that we are. It is about being vulnerable and expressing emotions which you have long suppressed inside yourself. Break down all forms of walls that you have created around yourself and let your genuine emotions show.

Stop being defensive with your partner. Your partner is your own person. Create for each other a warm and conducive environment to open up. It is fine to cry, break and pull each other up at times. A relationship entails a healthy mixture of pain and pleasure.

A right relationship allows you to display your deeper most emotions, fears, and desires without having the fear of being judged.

signs of a good relationship
9 Qualities Of A Good Relationship

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7. You are able to respectfully differ in opinion. 

Just as the similarity is important, so is respecting the differences. You might prefer coffee to tea and your partner might prefer tea over coffee but that should not be grounds for disrespect to breed.

You both are free to choose and have contrasting opinions but how you handle the disparity in choice makes all the difference. If your partner is able to respect and appreciate your decisions and mindset without trying to modify it according to his/her needs, you have got your relationship right.

8. Your fights are fruitful.

A right relationship is not one without fights rather it is one with numerous high-yielding fights. Every fight you both have should end with greater insight about the subject of argument.

A fruitful fight is about understanding each other, compromising, finding common grounds and respecting each other’s mental set. Such fights will never breed anger and hurt.

9. Distractors don’t play spoilsports.

You or your partner do not give in to trivial temptations that fall outside your relationship standards. You both have your set value system and you both respect each other for that.

You prioritize each other before you prioritize other people, work, or your friends. You both are dedicated to the relationship and have the maturity to keep the promises you made. A right relationship is always based on strong foundations of trust and reliability.

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What’s your opinion?

signs of a good relationship
Signs Of A Great Relationship And How To Maintain It

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What do you think are some of the signs of a great relationship? How are you contributing to making your relationship a healthy and successful one? Let us know in the comments section about what your idea of a strong relationship is.

9 Good Signs That You’re In The Right Relationship
Signs You’Re In A Good Relationship
9 Signs You're In A Right Relationship
Signs You’Re In A Good Relationship
Signs Good Relationship pin
9 Signs You’re In A Good Relationship
Signs Youre Good Relationship pin
9 Signs You’re In A Good Relationship

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