The Difference Between Loving Someone And Being In Love

The Difference Between Loving Someone and Being In Love

“Loving someone and being in love are poles apart”

The word love may be a small four-letter composition but it has a deeper meaning somewhere. When you love someone, mere thoughts of that special one are enough to give you goosebumps. Probably you may not have noticed but there is a fine line that clearly differentiates between loving someone and being in love with someone. If you do not agree with the statement then you have to change your mind this time after reading the following points.

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The Difference Between Loving Someone And Being In Love

1. Being in love is not a decision taken by you.

You love someone because the person may have a similar nature to yours, the qualities which you look forward to in your partner. This is human nature. Shortly speaking you have the choice to love those, whose personality and thinking standards stand at your expectation level. But being in love doesn’t mean the same. You don’t have an alternative when you are in love. It is like a free fall where your choice does not matter at any instant. You just go with the flow unconsciously.

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love is more than just a feeling

2. Loving someone is temporary but being in love is eternal

Loving someone can possibly change your feelings if the attitude of a person changes with time. A nasty comment by your partner can frustrate the hell out of you or a silly fight can result in the irritation thereby leading to the need for the relationship. But when you are in love, you take the memories till your grave, your bond is unbreakable and you understand the importance of each other in your life.

3. Physical presence does not matter when you are in love

When you love someone, their physical presence around you matters the most in your life. You want to share every moment of your life with them while being in love is more selfless. When in love, you desire the happiness of your partner. All that matters is the smile that can light p your world. For sure, when in love, you will never wish to compel your partner to become your shadow.

“Distance doesn’t separate people. Silence does.”

4. Ups and downs when you love someone, a steady flow of emotions when a person is in love

Life is a journey having crest and falls. One might not continue with the same emotions for another person for the whole life when it comes to loving him/her. The instability created due to highs and lows are dangerous enough and can lead to the stage where your relationship would fall apart. But there will be a smooth and steady flow of emotions when you are in love. The love for your partner will be true and never-ending.

5. Being in love is over the concept of possessiveness while loving someone defines ownership

Loving someone brings the demands of commitments. With that arise problematic situations and suspicious thoughts because loyalty tops your priority charts. You claim to own that person. But being in love makes each of you trustworthy. Confidence is automatically built upon the person. Thus you live as a team where both participants work for each other’s happiness. You are not possessive because you know the strength of your bond.

6. Loving requires efforts, being in love does not

It is very natural to have problems in a relationship. Also, it is essential that both the partners should make attempts to maintain stability in it. But when efforts become tiring and it gets hectic to keep the relationship going, you need to realize that you are not in love. Love is something that is defined by emotional flow. When manual efforts overtake the feelings, it is not what you are conceptualizing.

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  1. “With each new day, you restart the process — if you’re lucky enough. And if you’re smart, you’ll do this for as long as you possibly can.” You brought tears to my eyes. This is exactly right.

  2. In the process we forget the things that attracted us to each other and begin to mould the other person into who we want them to be. An illusion… Then comes the downfall! The magic wears off. Ego sets in. Possessiveness creeps in…and we part because there is no space and free flow of energy called love is stiffled and chokes. It dies…

  3. Choosing or having love is something that’s not reliant on anything but what you find inside of yourself. It’s not limited to what you’re getting back from someone else. You carry that kind of love with you wherever you go and you share it with everyone that you come into contact with. It multiplies your ability to love more fully and lingers wherever your life touches another’s. Falling in love is based on the other individual and what they’re giving you in return. It’s a very temporary state. Having love is infinite.

  4. I feel in love almost 15 yrs ago and make it a choice to fall in love with the same man day after day. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong century. Funny that I Would Do Anything For Love is playing in the background and…….. 🙂

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