100+ Two Sentence Horror Stories That’ll Freak You Out

Horror Stories That'll Freak You Out

Scary Story #71

My husband woke me up by kissing my cheek when he got home late. 

This morning I checked my phone — he stayed with a friend last night.

by Marshmellow4444 

Scary Story #72

The upstairs neighbors are awfully noisy. 

I told my landlord… it’s been vacant for months.

by Marshmellow4444

Scary Story #73

My TV keeps turning on by itself. 

It’s annoying, but what’s more worrisome is how it only shows footage of me standing in my living room.

by 2manyships2sail 

Scary Story #74

“Home alone tonight :(“, she posted on Facebook around midnight.

But just as she heard an invisible whisper calling her name from the other end of the dark corridor, she realized being “truly” alone wouldn’t have been such a bad thing after all.

by Darkdreams79

Scary Story #75

I have a recurring dream I’m murdered by a man I’d never met. 

I thought it was stupid until I went on a blind date and saw him at the table.

by 2manyships2sai

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Scary Story #76

My mom told me she had the best time playing with my little sister today. 

My sister went missing in 2002 – they found her body in 2006. 

by Anonymous

Scary Story #77

Roses are red, violets are blue.

You’d better run, I’m coming for you. 

by RedDeadRevengeance

Scary Story #78

I hate desperate, needy and clingy nice guys.

I really thought he would leave me alone once I killed him.

by Darkdreams79

Scary Story #79

“Hello, Georgie!” The creepy-looking clown chuckled from beneath the sewers.

Bored with killing his pets, Georgie finally found someone new to play ‘games’ with.

By Darkdreams79

Scary Story #80

I sobbed as my daughter begged me not to pull the trigger.

It gets harder and harder to kill her each time she Returns.

By amateurnewbie

Scary Story #81

John was relieved when the shadow in the graveyard turned out to be an old caretaker chipping at a grave.

Until the man turned around and said, “They spelt my name wrong.”

by shufaLin

Scary Story #82

All I ever wanted was to be skinny like the models, so for my third wish, I told the genie I wanted to lose 50 pounds.

Did you know that one human leg weighs about 25lbs?

by BrookeEMx

Scary Story #83

That awkward girl from high school turned out so smoking hot nobody recognized her.

She was only identifiable by her dental records.

by Tonynferno

Scary Story #84

As she finally drifted off to sleep, she felt the cold, bony fingers caress her body. 

She prayed it was just a dream.

by Anonymous

Scary Story #85

I thought the landlord was joking when she told us there were rumours this house was haunted.

Until the real one walked in apologising for being late.

by warm_guns

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Scary Story #86

Last night, I could have sworn I saw someone outside of my window, looking in at me.

I was so hopeful, but of course, there is no one left.

by HorrorInTwo

Scary Story #87

I thought telling the genie “I want to live forever” was the ultimate win.

But the universe went dark 3 billion years ago, and I’m desperate for “forever” to get here.

by douggold11

Scary Story #88

I sleep next to the love of my life every single night.
She just doesn’t know it

by otareadit

Scary Story #89

It’s been 37 years, still, the bloodstain from the day I stabbed her to death is visible in my arm.

It’s been 37 years, still the bloodstain burns like hell.

by Darkdreams79

Scary Story #90

I keep seeing red eyes on my security camera feed.

The cameras are black and white.

by YallJealous

Scary Story #91

“So if you really are responsible for those unsolved kidnappings,” started the skeptical amateur reporter, “how do you lure your victims?”

“With an interview.”

by MintClicker

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