Why Healing your Inner Child is Crucial for Self-Growth

Healing Inner Child Crucial for Self Growth

Sometimes, in order to live a truly happy and fulfilling life, one without any emotional wounds, you need to work towards healing your inner child.

What is your inner child?

It is the little person inside of you that witnessed, experienced, and was challenged by the surroundings you grew up in.

Wounds that were never healed from childhood linger dormant inside our inner child until our shadows forge forward from the past.

We are taught from a young age that is not acceptable to feel, that one must push those emotions of hurt, pain, and sorrow deep inside, slap a smile on their face and act “normal”. What is normal, I ask you to consider…..It is everything someone taught you to believe in.

Is that truly normal?

Could it be a facade you were supposed to wear to be considered strong in a world that is not foundationally strong?

The fear factor, right?

Everybody has it, well where does that come from?

It comes from the inner child in each one of us. We believe by suppressing the experiences of our past we can become this strong force, but in essence, it is destroying all of us at our core.

Healing the inner child is how you begin to truly grow in relationships, with friends, and in business. There will always be an instance when you will become challenged by your past pain, but that is where the healing begins, taking your own power back.

The inner child walks inside the walls of our adult human form and shy’s, cry’s and hides from the world waiting to be recognized.

Healing Your Inner Child
Why Healing your Inner Child is Crucial for Self-Growth

Uncommon, not really, everybody’s past comes forth through memories. You grow, by letting go. Change is inevitable, as you embrace the seasons of your heart, you free the ties to the child deep inside.

Early on when the frontal lobe development is critical, children’s perceptions of the world can be brutally altered. The importance of allowing for our children to find their peace and grow naturally is of the most importance.

Strong human beings can develop at a rapid pace without tampered illusions and prefixes that our world taught us to believe in. It hasn’t worked thus far, so when are we going to stand up and take liberated controls of the forces at hand.

How do you start?

Start creating time for yourself to heal, grow, and love. You have to start within yourself in order to allow bliss to flow naturally.

Consider a steamroller, rolling over a bruised peach. It is just adding salt to a wound. We are being taught that this is “normal” and okay. Do you think it’s okay?

People have a better chance of relationships and life, only if they can learn to understand themselves to the best of their abilities.

Try allowing yourself to refrain from all the fragmented distractions which keep us from creating our focus. By learning to balance your time you can further develop the inner child.

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