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Why Healing your Inner Child is Crucial for Self-Growth

Healing Inner Child Crucial for Self Growth

We are taught from a young age that is not acceptable to feel, that one must push those emotions of hurt, pain, and sorrow deep inside, slap a smile on their face and act “normal”. What is normal, I ask you to consider…..It is everything someone taught you to believe in.

How To Break A Bad Habit Not Serving You Anymore

break bad habit not serving you anymore

Whatever bad habit you know you have to distract yourself from your truth, meaning a habit that’s not serving you to live your best life. You can change this – starting today! Are you ready?

She Never Stood A Chance

She Never Stood A Chance

But after the breakup, she realized that from an emotional standpoint, he gave his lashings in more personalized attacks than she had ever done to him.

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