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5 Steps To Quiet The Mental Noise

Steps To Quiet Mental Noise

From time to time we all find ourselves dealing with a busy mind. You know what I mean. When we feel stressed and anxious about everything that’s going on in our head. It is very important to quiet the mental noise else it will take a toll on our physical and mental health.

The problem is, very rarely do we make our best decisions when our mind is in that busy state. I’ve learnt that when I’m stressed, anxious or overwhelmed I need to find ways to calm down before I decide what to do next.

Over the last few years I’ve been trialling techniques and strategies that allow me to more efficiently deal with these ineffective states of mind. 

I wanted to share five of the best with you to help you quiet the mental noise.

1. Breathe

Stress has a brilliant capacity to tighten our muscles, which limits the oxygen we take in. When you’re stressed, stop. Sit down in a comfortable position and focus on your breathing.

Breathing in slowly and deeply all the way to your stomach, and release. With each out-breath feel your muscles relax and your stress levels drop. Do this for as long as you need. 

2. Meditation 

5 Steps To Quiet The Mental Noise

Meditating allows you to step back from the thoughts that are consuming your headspace. It’s a space that will teach you that you are not your thoughts. 

Simply watching your thoughts, and noticing what is happening in your mind will help you understand where the emotions you’re feeling are born. if you don’t know how to meditate, here’s a simple guide. 

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3. Information Detox

In the wonderful world of Blogs and YouTube and Books, and Television and iPhones with their podcasts, it becomes very easy to take in a ridiculous amount of information.

Whenever I take in too much feels like a garden that’s been over-watered, and now has a puddle of water on the surface that serves no benefit. When I feel like this I’ll switch everything off for an hour and just allow the puddle of information to sink in. 

4. Exercise 

There is something wonderful about getting the blood circulating, the lungs working and forcing your body to work. Whenever I’m stressed, though I don’t feel like it before I start, exercising nearly always guarantees there will be a lift in my attitude.

I love working out at the park or doing sprints have the most positive impact on my headspace. My weekly exercise schedule helps me prioritise this area of my life. 

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5. Cold Shower

Nothing snaps us out of the conversation in our mind like a cold shower. The cold water hitting your skin brings you into the present moment in an instant. Your physiology changes, your breathing becomes more purposeful and your brain jumps into survival mode.

If your mind won’t be quiet, step into a cold shower for 60 seconds. Enjoy the benefit. In fact, this is why I start my day with a cold shower. 

Please share this article with anyone who you may think will find it valuable and helpful. Thank you very much! I greatly appreciate it!

Article by Tyson Popplestone

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5 Steps To Quiet The Mental Noise