15 Questions To Ask Your Crush To Test Your Compatibility

Questions Ask Your Crush To Test Compatibility

Whenever you see your crush, you feel butterflies in your stomach, and your heart starts to beat faster. You imagine how it would feel to hold their hand, and how it would feel to be enveloped in their arms. Having a crush is one of the most exciting, and beautiful feelings there is, but you have to admit, there’s also a slight degree of uncertainty attached to it.

Why? Because to be happy together, you need to have a strong degree of compatibility, and for that, you need a few questions to ask your crush and test your compatibility. But then again, it’s not really a good idea to go up to your crush and start bombarding them with serious compatibility questions, because it will just freak them out!

What you need to do is be smart and shrewd about it. You need to ask them a couple of significant and deep questions that will not just help you test your compatibility but will also help you understand how much of your opinions and mindsets match. Engage with them in such a way, so that it doesn’t feel like you’re interrogating them, but at the same time, you know what you need to know.

Read on to know what kind of questions you should ask your crush to know them better and test your compatibility at the same time. Two birds with one stone, right?

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15 Questions To Ask Your Crush To Test Your Compatibility

1. What is that one destination you want to travel to, at least once, before you die?

Traveling is not everybody’s cup of tea, but everyone has that one place they want to visit before they die. For the most part, this is because they have a reason behind it; maybe that place holds a special meaning, or there is a lot of history there. Whatever it may be, their answer can tell you a lot about them and their thoughts.

Their answer can also tell you whether they like to travel or not, and what kind of places they like to go to; whether they like to stick to their comfort zone or they like to experiment, and whether they like to travel at all, or they are more of a homebody.

2. What do you look forward to doing the most, when you get some time to yourself?

Knowing their hobbies and how they like to spend their free time is one of the best ways to test your compatibility with them. Because you might find out that both of you like the same things! And even if you don’t then it’s okay, because you don’t need to have exactly the same interests in order to have a happy relationship.

If you have similar interests, you can do a lot of things together, and if you don’t, then you will get to see a side of them that not a lot of people get to see. However, be a bit wary about how different your hobbies are because sometimes too many dissimilarities can cause serious conflict.

3. What’s your most embarrassing or worst dating story?

This is definitely one of those really loaded questions you should ask your crush, because even though it seems harmless on the surface, this one question can tell you a lot about them, and what turns them off.

Knowing what ticks them off and what constitutes a bad date for them can be pretty helpful for you, especially if you’re planning on asking them out.

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4. Are you and your family close?

This is one of the most important and necessary questions to ask your crush because this one question alone can speak volumes about their values and ethics, and can also help you test your compatibility with them. It also helps you understand how they handle relationships, and how much they value close relationships in their life.

Studies show that people who have a healthy dynamic with their family, go on to have healthy romantic relationships in the future. But don’t take that as the universal truth, because lots of people out there despite coming from dysfunctional families end up being in healthy, happy relationships. Knowing whether a person is close to their family or not can tell you so much about them either way.

5. What did you think of me when you first met me?

When you ask your crush this question, there’s a strong chance that they might have known all along that you have been crushing on them. Despite that, it’s a wonderful opportunity to get to know what they thought of you apart from this.

What they thought of you initially might not be true, and by asking this question you are opening the door to them getting to know you better, and vice-versa. First impressions matter a lot, so if what they thought of you was wrong, you can always change that.

6. What’s your biggest turn-off?

Knowing your crush’s turn-offs are a great way of knowing them inside out, and also making sure that you never engage in those behaviors. Understanding where their boundaries lie, and things that are completely non-negotiable for them will give you a deeper insight into their character.

Being aware of their turn-offs helps you test your compatibility because you will be able to judge whether you can make peace with them or not. For example, suppose you love dogs, but they can’t stand the sight of them, knowing this will help you decide whether you would want to take things further with them or not.

questions to ask your crush compatibility

7. How did your last relationship end?

This is a very personal question, so make sure you are careful when you ask this. Don’t ask this question if you’re talking to them for the first time, or when the time isn’t right. How a person speaks about their past relationships can tell you a lot about their character, morals, and integrity.

Do they take accountability for what went wrong in their last relationship? How do they speak about their ex-partner? Do they blame their ex for everything that went wrong? How did they handle the breakup? The answers to these questions can help you understand their temperament and can give you an idea about what kind of romantic partner they are.

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8. Do you have a celebrity crush? If yes, then who is it?

This is a really fun question you can ask to test your compatibility, but at the same time, you can clearly understand what kind of people they tend to fall for.

What kind of behavior do they find attractive in people, what kind of mannerisms, physical appearance, etc. And if you also like their celebrity crush, that’s a great way of bonding with each other!

9. What has been your biggest and profound life lesson till date?

If you want to test your compatibility in the truest sense, you need to ask some thought-provoking questions so that you can understand what has made them the kind of person they are today. Everybody learns important lessons from life, but everyone, including your crush, has that one lesson that has made them who they are today.

And knowing that gives you the opportunity to understand them on a deeper level. Moreover, this question opens the door to both of you sharing your life experiences with each other and getting to know each other more.

10. What is the best thing someone can do for you?

This can be a very useful question for you if you are looking to ask them out on a date and take things further. Everyone has something that makes them feel special and happy, and if you know what makes your crush tick, it’s like hitting the jackpot.

You can make them feel special exactly the way they want, and no wonder this is one of the best questions to ask your crush to test your compatibility!

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11. Do you like to socialize on weekends, or do you like to stay at home and enjoy some alone time?

Finding out whether your crush is an introvert or an extrovert can help you test your compatibility in the most perfect way possible. Even though opposites do attract, to what degree both of you are different from each other, can help you figure out your chances of being in a happy relationship with them.

If you’re someone who loves to meet new people and your crush feels uncomfortable in a situation like this, then it’s best to know about this from the beginning. Being able to understand what makes your crush uncomfortable and how they like to recharge their batteries can pave the way for a strong, healthy relationship.

12. Who is your best friend in your family?

This can help you figure out how close they are to their family, and who they are closest to. You will also get an opportunity to understand their family dynamics in a much better and deeper way. Also, who they are closest to can speak volumes about how your crush is built – emotionally and mentally.

For example, if they are closest to their father, ask them why. If they are closest to their siblings, ask them what makes their relationship special. And in case, they tell you that they are not close to anybody, don’t try to probe too much, rather ask them gently why is it so.

13. What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?

The point of this question is to mainly break the ice, and have a good time with them. Opening up about their most embarrassing moments gets them to laugh, and laugh how! When you laugh out loud, you are full of dopamine which works towards fostering emotional connection and is most likely to keep both of you engaged in the conversation much longer.

So go on, and ask them their embarrassing memories, and be rest assured that you will have an amazing time, and the laughs will not just stop!

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14. What does your dream date look like?

This is one of the boldest questions to ask your crush, but honestly, a very very important one to test your compatibility. If you know what they expect from their partner, then you will be able to plan your future dates exactly like that. Also, this question clearly puts forward your intentions and shows them that you’re interested.

Moreover, if you make their dream date a reality, then there’s a strong chance that they will reciprocate your feelings, and that’s exactly what you want, don’t you?

15. Do you have the mindset to be in a serious relationship right now?

Sometimes, you need to ask your crush some straightforward questions; it might surprise them or even shock them, but it’s necessary for you to know whether you have a future with them or not, or you’re just wasting your time. Ask them this question without any reservations, and see what they tell you.

If you feel unsure and shy about asking this bluntly, try to smartly insert it in the conversation you’re having. Instead of being blunt, ask them indirectly like this, “I am so turned off by the dating scene nowadays. What about you? Do you feel like dating and being in a serious relationship now?”

It is important to test your compatibility with your crush before diving headlong into a relationship with them. This will help both of you save a lot of your time and energy, and will make sure that you are not being impulsive. Asking these questions will give you a fair idea about whether or not you should have any hopes and expectations from them.

Want to know more about how you can test your compatibility? Check this video out below!

Questions Ask Your Crush Test Compatibility
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