8 Questions To Ask Before Going On A Diet

Questions To Ask Before Going On A Diet

For example:

1. What results are you expecting from this diet? Will you be getting to your ideal weight and maintaining it?

2. What do you hope to learn from your diet approach this time?

3. Why did you discontinue your last diet?

4. Are you hoping this next diet will stop you from overeating for good?

5. Do you, like so many others, eat because of emotions or stress, not hunger?

6. Do you believe your next diet will help you with that?

7. Does this next diet feel like an exercise in willpower or a real change to healthier eating?

8. Do you know that becoming mindful of what drives you to eat has been shown to be an effective way to help you lose weight and keep it off?

Clearly, there are no easy answers or quick-fixes to help people get off the diet roller coaster. The issue of diets and why people eat is extremely complex. But the more we can encourage people to consider an internal approach rather than an external one and offer some proven solutions, the closer to making progress in this area we will be.


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Written by: Kristen Carter
Originally appeared on: Psycholo
gy Today
Republished with permission
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8 Questions To Ask Before Going On A Diet
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