10 Things Strong Women Love About Men

things strong women love about men

5. He knows how to maintain privacy.

Strong women who are focused on their own mission and path in life are not taking time out of their day to look for validation from others. They are living in the moment and are too busy to bother caring about what other people are thinking.

A man who is going to date this type of woman has to work with her on what is kept between the two of them and what is exposed to the public. In the social media generation, privacy is hard to come by – but for a relationship with a mature, independent woman to work in the long run, it still has to be made a priority.

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6. He knows when to lead, and when to follow.

Just because a woman may be in charge from 9-5 on Monday through Friday, doesn’t mean she wants the same responsibilities in a relationship. At the end of the day, many women still appreciate a man who is the man and will make plans for them on date night. A man who still romances her. A man who is chivalrous and respectful. A man who understands that a woman can be independent and should still be treated like a lady.

7. He will never talk down to her.

When he compliments how great you are at something, the right kind of man for a strong woman will never end the sentence with “you know, for a girl.” A man who can effectively build a relationship with an independent woman will see her exactly as she should be seen – as an equal.

This means respecting and valuing her opinions as well as openly telling her his own. It means being able to have deep, meaningful conversations and really listening to her viewpoints. It means never assuming she can’t teach you something new or show you new experiences – in fact, some of life’s most important lessons will come from her.

Strong women want their hands held and foreheads kissed
10 Things Strong Women Love About Men

8. He will support her no matter what.

As Mark Twain once said – “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” This same concept applies to relationships as well. Men and women who are strong and secure in themselves will have no problem standing behind their partner when support is required. They will not betray your trust or discourage you from living the life you want to live.

The right type of man for a strong woman will know when to stand in front of her when she needs protection, behind her when she needs support, and beside her when she wants a teammate.

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9. He thinks logically and has a reason for his opinions.

If he doesn’t have an answer to why he feels a certain way about a certain issue, he can be expected to be questioned until he does. I’m certainly not suggesting that a man in a relationship with a strong woman should assume he is going to be interrogated, but she doesn’t adopt any strong opinions or beliefs without a good reason for doing so – and the man she chooses to be with will need to do so as well.

10. He is chivalrous but not condescending.

One of the most frequent comments I get from readers regarding chivalry in the modern era is that it can come across as being condescending or that men are suggesting women are incapable of doing the action at hand by themselves (i.e., opening a door or pulling out a chair) by doing it for her.

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