The Spiritual Meanings Behind Physical Aches, Pains And Illnesses

The Spiritual Meanings

4. Temporal

The sides of the head are associated with courage, especially the courage to face your world. Migraine Headaches, usually located in the front quadrants, right or left, indicates a separation from your world. The involvement of the eyes in Migraines indicates not only an unwillingness to look without but to look within. Most Migraine sufferers report, not only severe pain behind the eye but also acute sensitivity to light. In Chinese Medicine, a number of Meridians run through this area.

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The Gallbladder Channel is associated with courage. The San Jiao channel is involved with the processing of water (the elixir of Life), and the Small Intestine Channel is involved with deriving nourishment from the world. Both the San Jiao Channel and the Small Intestine Channel are connected to the Heart, whose emotion is Joy and where the Mind is located. Lack of Joy (with one’s self) is strongly indicated by pain in this area. There is also Anger indicated by the Gallbladder channel’s link with the Liver.

5. Occipital

The back of the head represents your past. Some say also this is an area of spirituality. Pain here represents something in your past that is not complete and remains unforgiven. The back of the head is traversed by the Gallbladder Channel and the Urinary Bladder Channels indicating Anger born of Fear. The Back of the Head is thought to be the seat of ‘Spiritual Experiences’. So, it is important to understand the spiritual meanings behind physical aches. The only way to see them is through inner sight. Pain in the back of the head represents an unwillingness to look deep within for the source of light & truth.


6. Spine

The Spine Represents the support you think you have in Life and your alignment with those supportive forces. Curved spine or Scoliosis represents a misalignment with Life. Spasms represent an unwillingness to accept the support that is there.

7. Shoulders

Shoulders represent burdens and responsibilities. Frozen Shoulder for example represents a complete unwillingness to shoulder your responsibilities in Life, especially your own Life. Pain and dysfunction to varying degrees represent varying degrees of unwillingness to be responsible. Moving forward in Life sometimes requires that you ‘put your shoulder to the wheel’ to overcome inertia. the Gallbladder channel traverses the shoulders and indicates Courage ( or lack of…).

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The back, in Chinese Medicine, is considered to be your Yang side; the active, aggressive, lighted side. The back also represents that which is behind you. Very often we do not see clearly that which is behind us. Back problems generally represent the conflict between the urge to move forward and the inertia of an unforgiven past that holds us back. This tension very often separates us from both and pain is the result. According to spiritual meanings behind physical aches, Louse Hay suggests that backs generally represent support.

8. Mid-back

The mid-back is the link between the shoulder and the lower back. It can be a weak link. As we firm up our shoulders and become willing to take on the responsibilities of life, and we have gathered around us the financial and emotional support we need (lower back), something sneaks up and stabs us in the back. This is a blind spot. Not only can we not see it, but is very difficult to reach. The weak link crumbles.

It is the saboteur or seducer that takes us off our path. Located in this area are the Tonification points (called ‘Shu’ points) for the liver, the stomach, and the spleen. These organs are responsible for the transformation and transportation of Qi, and the free flow of Qi in the body. Blockages here affect the entire body and can stop you dead in your tracks. The spleen represents Worry or overthinking and the liver represents anger or base emotions. Both of these can sabotage even the best-laid plans. Louse Hay suggests that the mid-back represents guilt and stuck in the past stuff.

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9. Lower Back

The lower back represents support; financial support, emotional support of family and friends, and support of God or the Universe. The kidneys are located in this area and Kidney dysfunction results in fear/fright/phobias. A sore lower back may indicate that we have taken on more than we think we can handle. This is a dysfunction, only if it is not the truth. If we have indeed taken on too much, that would be indicated by physical trauma to the back and all we need to do is lighten the load. Chronic low backache, though, not associated with any trauma is the one with the metaphysical application, and the one related to kidney depletion.

Kidneys are considered to have a central function relative to other organs since it is where Yuan Qi or our primary essence is stored. Yuan Qi is also known as Primary Qi or Congenital Qi. It is the Qi you are born with and determines your relative strength in the world. It is considered to be quite difficult to strengthen an already weak Yuan Qi, but it can be done. Low back pain is often diminished by strengthening the kidneys. In short, low back pain generally refers to a lack of trust in the universe to protect and support. Based on the understanding of spiritual meanings behind physical aches, Louise Hay suggests Fear of money is indicated.

10. Coccyx

The Coccyx/Sacrum is the seat of self-pity. There is a fear of asking for help. One would rather sit and feel sorry for one’s self than getting of one’s ass and do something.


11. Hips

Hips represent decisions in life, especially decisions about moving forward. Pain in the hips is a sign of being ‘stuck’, unable to make a decision or see clearly what is needed to be done next. The process of walking requires that we first thrust the hip forward and the leg etc. follows. This is actually, an act of faith on our part since we are quite literally initiating a fall to the ground and trusting that our legs will save us. The Gallbladder Channel traverses the hip which again represents courage and confidence to move forward. Louise Hay suggests that hip problems represent fear of going forward with major decisions. Hips represent the idea that the next step in your life is important. Pain or discomfort advises you to slow down or stop, look around, buy a map, or ask someone for directions.

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