5 Types of People to Keep Around In Life (and 5 to avoid)

People Keep Around In Life

During our lifetime we come in touch with different types of people. Whether we like it or not we have to interact with them. And while we do so we get exposed to a world of experiences, some sweet, some bitter, that bring along a pool of lessons to learn from and grow.

We cannot but eliminate people or these experiences, but we can surely educate ourselves in choosing the right people to be more around with.

We have listed below 5 of such personalities we should keep in our life and 5 we should avoid, the more the better.

Here are 5 types of people to keep in your life:

 1) The Cheerer

These people are the motivators. You will find them cheering and encouraging you in all your pursuits. If you ever get depressed, there is only one voice you can hear that urges you to get up and get going, it would be them. They will show you the light when you can’t see anything but darkness and put on the path to positivity.

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 2) The Teacher

This is your guide, your counselor who teaches you through examples and makes sure you sincerely understand the significance of the lessons and absorb them. Of all the people in your group, this person is the Yoda. They would resort to metaphors, world events, and even historical facts to put you back on the track and force you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Knowledge brings enlightenment and only a teacher can help you see the truth in every turn of life

 3) The Therapist

Often we confide in our best friends our deepest secrets because we know they will listen to us without being judgmental. These people are the therapists who have great patience and compassion to not only hear you through every detail but also comfort you and show you those aspects which you haven’t been able to see. They may not say what you like but that won’t offend you either because you know they can see above and beyond the issue at hand.

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4) The Connector

This person has the best connections. They know almost everyone and don’t mind connecting people who have common needs. If he/ she is your friend or acquaintance, you always have the chance of getting introduced to the right people who can help you achieve your goal. Connectors may not have the solutions to your problems but they can always help you to reach the person who has.

5) The Comedian

Laughter is the best medicine and it can really pull out of deepest setbacks and bad days. There are people who can make us laugh and see the lighter and funnier sides of everything. In their company, we even learn to laugh at ourselves. They can dish out humor blended with sarcasm on a regular basis and their presence helps us to see light even in the worst of situation.

We want these people around as they can brighten our lives with their wonderful presence, but there are others who exude negativity. In their toxic presence, we manifest our worst self.

Here are 5 types of people you need to avoid:

1) The Super-Agreeable

Most of the time we recognize these people when it’s too late. These people agree with whatever you say or do but in reality, don’t support you. They always want to be in the good books of others. They hardly ever express their views truthfully and hypocrisy is their second nature. They have no concern for anyone, apart from themselves. These people are always trying to get what’s best for them and their super-agreeable behavior is just a mask to get what they want.

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