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Don’t Let These 4 Toxic Habits Ruin Your New Year

Leave behind these toxic habits as you enter the New Year.
Another year is about to be over, a new one is just around the corner and the time for new year resolutions is here. Life never stops, does it?

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It is that time of the year when we decide what our New Year resolutions are going to be. We always think about new year resolutions as a way to improve ourselves, like going to a gym, eating healthy, managing our anger, promising to spend more time with our family, etc. Even though these are worthy resolutions and these will help you enrich your life, why don’t you do something different this year? Why not decide to adopt a new mindset, and focus predominantly on your mental health?

We all want to be happy, satisfied and stress-free, but in order to achieve that, you will need to focus on your mind. It is imperative that you work towards nourishing it and taking care of it. If your mind is not in the right place, it is extremely tough to be happy in real life. 

The best way to fulfill this goal is to leave a few toxic habits in 2019 and focus on building a happier you the coming new year

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4 Toxic Habits To Leave Behind In 2019

1. Being TOO self-deprecating

Being a little bit critical about yourself is absolutely fine, as this can stop you from being too over-confident and arrogant. But how much is too much? Are you someone who is always criticizing yourself, no matter what? Well, then that is where you draw the line. You are human at the end of the day and you are bound to make mistakes, just like everybody else. There is no point in bashing yourself up constantly.

“You have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.” – Louise Hay

Too much self-criticism can severely hurt your confidence, self-esteem and thought process. The more you beat yourself up about the small things, the more you will end up in a dark place. It is vital that you treat yourself and speak to yourself with love and compassion. You are always busy giving love and support to your close ones, then why not give yourself some too?


2. Ruminating about how other people judge you

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We live in a society where every little step you take will be met with judgment. No matter how much that scares you or enrages you, that is the sad truth. But, this is your life and your only life, so why should you care about how other people are judging you? What a couple of strangers think about your matter when it’s your happiness we are talking about? 

Imagine how simple and content your life will be if you could do what you wanted, how you wanted and when you wanted. 

If you constantly think about how other people are perceiving you and what they think you should do, then you are living your life the wrong way. You should not focus on doing things which you think you SHOULD do. Do things you WANT to do. Frame your new year resolutions in such a way that you are able to enjoy this beautiful thing they call life, to the fullest.


3. Get out of your comfort zone

Everyone wants to be comfortable, including you, and there is nothing wrong with that. But, being stuck in your comfort zone can be dangerous and limiting for you. Life is full of diverse opportunities and possibilities, and if you do not try to explore all that then you will be missing out on a lot of exciting experiences. 

“The only thing that is stopping you from where you are to where you want to go is your comfort zone.” Dhaval Gaudier

If you continue doing the same things over and over again every day of the month, you will lose your excitement about life. Getting out of your comfort zone can be intimidating for sure, but you never know what you might come across unless you explore what is on the other side of the spectrum.

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