The Narcissistic Dictionary: Terms That Describe Narcissistic Behaviors

The Narcissistic Dictionary: Terms That Describe Narcissistic Behaviors

7. Narcissistic Word Salad

Source: The term word salad or its more formal name schizophasia refers to a form of disorganized and unintelligible speech that is characteristic of some forms of severe mental illness. Seemingly random phrases or words are linked together. The term word salad is often associated with a psychotic disorder called schizophrenia.

NPD Meaning:

The term narcissistic word salad is essentially a misuse of an important psychological term. Instead of referring to an involuntary verbal sign of a severe mental illness, such as schizophrenia, it is being used as a slang term for a type of narcissistic speech that is purposefully confusing. Listeners find narcissistic word salad extremely frustrating because the narcissist is using circular reasoning, outright lies, denial, or mischaracterizations of past events to avoid being wrong or having to take responsibility for something.

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8. The Narcissistic Family System: The Golden Child & The Scapegoat

In families led by a powerful parent with a narcissistic personality disorder, the children in the family are sometimes assigned specific roles and are treated quite differently from each other. This is because people with narcissistic personality disorder lack whole object relations and cannot see their children realistically as having a blend of both good and bad traits. One child may become the recipient of the narcissistic parent’s all-good projections and is seen as perfect, while one or more of the other children may be seen as all-bad. In some families, these roles are reassigned according to whoever is the parent’s favorite that day. This sometimes fosters competition among the children to please the parent and be seen as the good one.

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a) The Golden Child:

This is the term for the narcissistic parent’s favorite child. This child is idealized as perfect and special. The parent projects all the positive qualities of this golden child and brags about his or her wonderful accomplishments to anyone who will listen.

b) The Scapegoat:

This child is the object of all the narcissistic parent’s negative projections. He or she is devalued and treated as an insignificant loser who is blamed for everything that goes wrong, including things that are clearly other people’s fault.

Example: Perry the Scapegoat.

In Perry’s family, his brother David is the anointed golden child, while he is the perpetual scapegoat. When David hurt his hand while maliciously breaking one of Perry’s favorite toys, their narcissistic mother blamed Perry. “See what you did! It is your fault that your brother hurt his hand. What did you do to him?”

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Written by Elinor Greenberg, Ph.D. Originally appeared in Psychology Today

The Narcissistic Dictionary: Terms That Describe Narcissistic Behaviors

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  1. When I got married, I was confined to a room but had to go downstairs to help my mother in law in the kitchen. After I got married, she made the maid stop assisting in the kitchen especially in what I was given to do.
    Kitchen was downstairs, everyday she would bring tea in the morning, check my things, and remind me to come downstairs. Morning and afternoon. In the afternoon, if she caught me studying, she would begin to poke and goad me about my studies, force me to explain anatomy, physiology, endocrinology. It wasn’t her cup of tea but I couldn’t deny it. Everyday she would go downstairs and make big fuss about her studies and I was unable to understand. I would try my best to explain her but everyday she would bring about some drama. She would come to my room and tell me, she doesn’t have detergent soap, shampoo etc. And her son i.e my husband is not paying heed to it. I didn’t quite get her drift. I assumed she wanted me to convey it to him but when I informed me about it, he got infuriated that she’s getting everything, and she started blaming me, crying and yelling. It continued almost every single day. A new drama. I started avoiding them, then another drama. She would definitely come to poke and goad no matter how much dramas were delivered yesterday and then whatever I ‘said’, just said there had to be another drama. Then I had no knowledge of emotional abuse or such thing take place or countless such examples are present in domestic violence cases.
    Sometimes she would plan bigger dramas, she would sit back and begin pricking her nose for hours until it starts to bleed. Then she will start hollering, abusing, tear her cloths, go out and wallow in dust, crying, abusing us. It was all shit. Now when I am living away, she has come. And within two hours when I was studying, she made such a big fuss. Wherever I have lived ( in the rented house) she and her son never left a stone unturned to make it a hell. Intially, I thought that my husband wasn’t involved in this. But actually it had always been his plan.

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