Which Mystical Animal Is Your Best Friend? QUIZ

Mystical Animal Best Friend

Do you love mythical creatures? Well, which animal is your best friend? Dragon, cat, wolf?
Find out with this mystical animal quiz

We have often heard of mystical creatures in our grandmas’ stories. These animals have different meanings in different cultures and mythologies. For example, cats were associated with the goddesses Isis and Bastet in ancient Egypt. In the United States and Europe, cats were held to be unlucky (especially the black cats), whereas a harbinger of good luck in the United Kingdom. 

There are many other mystical animals like unicorns, elves, dragons, centaurs that were associated with good luck, bad omen, love, inspiration, friendship, and fortune in different ancient stories. And remain a significant part of many folk tales even today. 

Many people not just have best human buddies but mystical animals as their best friends forever. Looking for friendship in animals never disappoints you! 

To some extent Hollywood has sparked our fascination with these animals through interesting movies and mind-blowing shows like Stuart Little, Twilight, The Last Unicorn and so on. 

So, which of the mystical animals most attracts you? And you want to have it as your best friend? 

We at Mind Journal, love quizzes that reveal some of the interesting aspects of people. So,

Here is a short and fun mystical animal quiz for you 

This animal quiz will help you know which mystical animal you need most in your life. One that will be with you during your thick and thin and remain until death separates you both. (Hope you have watched the movie Hachikō).

Just answer a few simple questions about yourself like what words or riddles appeal to you most, your best quality, and your stake on friends. And in a few seconds your special friend’s name will be revealed to you. 

Better be spontaneous!

Are you ready to discover what majestic creature should be your best buddy for life? 

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Had fun? Let us know in the comments below!

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