What Is Your Native American Totem?

Native American Totem

Wondering what is your Native American totem animal?

Whether you are Native American or not, we all have an animal guide which offers us wisdom and strength by spiritually communicating with us.

By offering our trust and respect to our totem animal, we can learn various valuable life lessons, even if we don’t physically spend time with the animal.


What is a Native American Totem

A totem is a sacred object and refers to a spirit being. It is usually the symbol of a Native American clan, tribe, family or even a person. It is believed that every individual is spiritually connected with their totem animal that guides them through different stages of life. Your totem animal will be your guardian spirit although you may be connected with almost 9 different spirit animals in your life. A person will share a connection with their totem animal through either dreams, characteristics, interests or interactions.


How Animal Totems Help Us

Animal totems are crucial in our lives and help us in our self-discovery. They also offer us exceptional opportunities for self-awareness and self-expression.

Moreover, these animal totems help us in developing a clear understanding of our past and offer hints about our future as well. When you pay respect to your totem animal and pay attention to the animals that appear in your life, you can actually receive essential guidance and learn valuable life lessons from them.


Find Out Your Totem Animal

Not sure what your totem animal is? Take this fun quiz to find out your Native American Totem Animal right now!

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Native American Totem

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