What Is The Biggest Possible Number You Can Make By Moving Only 2 Matches?

Biggest Possible Number Moving Only Matches

The Biggest Possible Number You Can Make
Look at the below image – matchsticks are arranged to form number 508. Now think what is the Biggest Possible Number you can make by moving only two matches.

Check the biggest number by moving matches below.

ANSWER 1: Number 999

This is the Highest Possible 3 Digit Number, 

Take one matchstick of figure zero and move it to make 9 and take away another matchstick of figure eight and placing it on 5 to make it into a 9.

Most of them limit themselves to 3 digit numbers by thinking within the box. Why not stretch the box or think outside the box? You can then come up with many more possible answers.

Scroll down to know it!

Answer 2 : Number 51181

Here’s a five-digit number!

Now pay attention to the middle zero and remove the top and bottom matches, which will create two “ones”

Can you think of a bigger number?

Answer 3: Number 81151

This is a bit tricky though. 

Just move the top and bottom matches from the middle zero to the front. Then try to flip the image upside down to get 81151. 

Interesting! isn’t it?

But, what if there are even bigger numbers?

You need to think in unconventional ways!

Answer 4: Number: 5 to the power of 118

Take two matches and form the (^) power sign.

Creative thought! Don’t you agree?

Thinking of any other brilliant one?

biggest number by moving matches

Answer 5: Infinity

By moving the match in the middle of the number 8 and using it as a division sign. However, you are moving only one match here, but as per the rules you have to move two matches.

 Any number divided by zero is equal to infinity.

biggest number by moving matches

Answer 6: 5118 raise to the power of eleven.

5118 raise to the power of eleven

Here’s how to do this:

From the figure 508, remove one match from the top of the 0 and place it on the upper right corner of 8 (that is raised to the power) and then remove another match from the bottom of 0 and place it beside the match that you moved before so that the exponent is 11. However, 511811 is 6.3110715e+40 which is just an expression. But we want number not expression! So, what can be an alternate way out?

Answer 7: 11 raised to power of 5118

11 raised to power of 5118

 115118 is the larger number you can get just by shifting 11 from the previous solution (Answer no. 6) to the base so that 5118 becomes an exponent. If you calculate this the answer is again infinity.

So, answers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7 are correct answers. These are the biggest numbers you can make by moving only 2 matches.

Enjoyed solving the puzzle? What was the highest number you could think of? Let us know in comments below.

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  1. Burçin Avatar

    I think option 5 should be the biggest number. It was eliminated because you only move match. But you can move first a match to a divider position and then move the match in the middle of 8 to the position of the missing match:
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    |_ | | |_| -> |_ | | / |_| -> |_ | | / | |
    _| |_| |_| _| |_| |_| _| |_| |_|

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