6 Mindful Techniques To Find Your Path In Life

Everyone wants to know their path in life, especially the right path. But sometimes it’s easier said than done. However, if you practice a few mindful techniques, you will find it a bit easier to achieve this goal.

Imagine a world where every color has a feeling, where what you see isn’t always visible to the naked eye. Imagine how lonely it would be to know you are of a rare few who feels from a place of true knowing: when people don’t like you, don’t want to be around you, or want to be around you too much.

Imagine how overwhelming it might be to step foot in a crowd, where everyone’s energy can be felt, seen, heard, understood, and housed in your own individual space unless you learn skills to create a safe zone and even then you might.

Imagine what it might be like to sense the future, to understand a task you are to take on that might be much bigger than you.

We all sense something about ourselves, what we are here to create, what we came to do. When we can connect to that infinite space inside ourselves we can learn what is true. You are your own best psychic, the only one who truly knows if the path you are on is meant for you.

I am a highly sensitive empath, one who sees, feels, knows, hears, and senses things beyond this realm. It took years to fully appreciate, to fully understand, and although I am still learning, I am also at a place where I’ve come to accept that my path revolves around the connectedness I feel and am shown within myself. Being this way has taught me a lot about other people too, paths of existence, how it is all laid out for all of us. We just have to learn to look.

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6 Mindful Techniques To Discover Your Path In Life

1. With A Quiet Mind, Anything Can Be Done.

Being a yoga teacher taught me how to quiet my mind. I now see teaching yoga as an opportunity to hold space for people, to feel the depth of each moment. It has taught me how to speak from the ground, to open to the infinite flow of creativity available without reaching, but by knowing and remaining open.

By learning to navigate this space, I’ve seen how I can take this practice outside of yoga studio walls and with me into daily life: to reveal truths, to see further, and realize my hearts’ truest wishes. When we are quiet we have the moment to let spirit fill us with all the answers without searching the mind. What if you asked a question, what if you simply asked what you should do? Would you be surprised to hear an answer being said to you?

In my experience the more questions I asked, the more answers I learned to receive. We all have the ability, it’s less about searching the outside world, begin the search within.

2. Sometimes Our Paths Come As A Surprise, Where Others Might Know Their Path From Birth.

I always knew what my path would be, but it surprised me when I took the path of a yoga teacher. It felt right and it still does, there’s a passion there that will never quit. I do know my path, but I have to learn to trust it a little bit more for it to fully show up for me.

Sometimes we aren’t aware of what our path might be until we are lead to something that intrigues us so much we simply can’t let go. This says more about you than anything, something to be incredibly mindful of and something to pay the most attention to.

3. So Much Of The Path Is About Trust.

Whether you believe in a religion, in a god or goddess, or just the divinity you feel within, to trust that if you jump all will stay okay, is the best thing you can do to feel the trust of the Universe moving through you. If you are observant during the transition, asking for signs or even a miracle …might lead you to finding one, but you have to simply trust.

From there, jump. Just jump; set intentions, create the space, and it’s amazing how quickly that space will fill— not just with the things you want, but also the things you need to take you where you are meant to go. It might not all be easy, but the perspective it brings will be worth it.

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4. Healing And Opening Is Something That The Universe Is Going To Ask From You Along The Way.

Get ready to be vulnerable to yourself and others when discovering your task along your own unique and individual path. Not everything is easy to go through, but healing must happen if you are to fully step foot into the whole person you know you already are; somewhere deep within you know this, and it is your job to open up to see how beautiful, how lovely and how deeply loved you actually are… even if it’s just you to learn, to see it, to know it. How deeply moved might you be?

How incredible might that feel? Be open to seeing and sharing yourself to heal and feel fulfilled.

Mindful techniques – healing

5. Patience Is The Best Virtue.

Having patience is key to staying sane. Sometimes I’ll know things in advance, sometimes two or three years before it all even begins to unfold. It can be frustrating to see an endpoint we have for ourselves and yet feel stifled along the way.

How can you create emotional stability within and have a creative and fun-loving support system without helping you carve the way? These are key elements to seeking dreams and watching them unfold. Keep your circle tight and chose only the best.

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6. Lastly, You Are Worth Everything You Create.

I used to ask myself if I was worthy of teaching in yoga studios and now I am in six of them. I once questioned my worth —not my ability but my worth to guide a class, and now I realize that question is silly. Why wouldn’t I be? I used to question my worth in friendships, my value to my parents, myself even.

It’s been a bumpy road to overcome deeply rooted insecurities, but I have with great destine. I now see myself as rare with more to offer than most, not out of ego, but out of experience and realizing my heart. To see myself as beautiful has been the hardest part, but the one necessary element in healing to take me where I want to go.

Your worth is never predetermined —you determine it, and once you do the world responds.

Written By Sara Shermis
Originally Appeared In Thought Catalog
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6 Mindful Techniques To Discover Your Path In Life
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