To The Girls Who Have Loved Someone Who Didn’t Deserve Them

To The Girls Who Have Loved Someone Who Didn’t Deserve Them

To The Girls Who Have Loved Someone Who Didn’t Deserve Them

You should be saluted for being so strong-willed and brave. Unlike other people who tell you that you are dumb, you are actually the bravest soul who has chosen to love others selflessly, unconditionally at the expense of yourself.

You are an immensely brave, dear girl.

You are to be saluted for your loving nature.

For having the will to love the people who, you know can’t love you back the way you deserved to be.  Even when it broke the very crux of you, you still chose to stay. Even though you had all the reasons to walk away, you still preferred them and you don’t even think twice.

You deserved to be praised for the fact that you still trust and believe that people have the capacity to change.

That maybe one day, people close to you will realize how important you are. That one fine morning, it will finally dawn upon your partner that you gave all your efforts which he never noticed. That, a moment will arrive when he will consider all the feelings you invested in him. That one special moment when he will realize how special he has been to you, what space he has occupied in your heart.

To The Girls Who Have Loved Someone Who Didn’t Deserve Them

You deserve a salute for entrusting them with your whole heart and soul even when they refuse to accept it.

You have allowed them in your lives even when they can’t open their heart’s door to you. You have held their hand, even when you knew they would leave. You deserve a salute for you spent hours to heal them, listen to their stories even when you knew that they were using you just as an option.

Your firmness is unavoidable.

For this no-nonsense ladylike a face you put up, that every time he comes, you accept him with an open heart and every time he goes you let him until the next hour comes when he gets back to you.

Your audacity deserves to be praised.

To stay with someone who will only consider you like their past time. To stay with someone who can only love you less, to stay with someone who will always choose others over you; someone who might be interested today and then apathetic tomorrow.

Someone who loves the girl before you and the girl after you, but never you. Someone who only takes but gives none. Someone who drives you home and not takes you home. Someone who will only shamelessly ask for help but never turn the world upside down for you. Someone who will never have the guts to see your magic.

Your strength lies witness to the number of times people broke you down, yet you never lost faith in humanity. You are incredible, to the point where you have forgiven him and his actions that hurt you.

Your positivity needs to be saluted which still holds a ray of hope that he will come back and mend everything with you.

You give so much more than you have ever received.

You’ve been hurt umpteen number of times yet you choose to heal every time. You’ve been taken for granted yet you choose to exert effort beyond comprehension.

You need to be saluted because no matter how many hurtful words people have thrown at you because you always loved the wrong people, yet you listened and empathized with them. No matter how wounded your soul is, no matter how damaged your heart is, you always choose to love.

You always choose to learn, forget and move forward. You are that phoenix who raised from her ashes and reclaimed herself.

You deserve the best of everything because you have this tremendous hope that maybe they have some kind of remaining ounce of strength to love you back, even when you have seen the worst face of humans. Because despite all the signs and tales that you two will never work out, you still saw the few reasons why it can.

Your love is so magnanimous that you spread warmth even after knowing that you deserve so much better than what you are getting reciprocated.

You are still settling for this tiny amount that they can give. Only because you love them. Because you love, even when they don’t have the capacity to return your love. That right there is probably the most spectacular, brave and painful thing ever.

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