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What Is Your Love Language? Find Out With This 6 Question Quiz

What Is Your Love Languages

One of the best ways to strengthen your relationship is by knowing what is your love language and your partner’s too. If you are wondering how to understand both of your love languages, it’s quite simple. You just need to take this love language quiz, and find out!

French poet and novelist, Victor Hugo had once said, “The supreme happiness of life consists in the conviction that one is loved.”, and no truer words have ever been spoken. Love is one of those rare feelings that you just cannot do without. But, in order for love to flourish and survive, communication and connection are imperative. And, that is where the love languages come into play. 

Now, there are five love languages overall, and understanding them is crucial to having a stable and healthy romantic relationship. Proper understanding of these love languages will help you deal with all the positives and negatives that might crop up in your relationship, and help you make it stronger.

The 5 Love Languages

1. Physical Touch

One of the most important love languages is physical touch. Physical touch and a physical connection are exceptionally important for a relationship and its survival.

Now, a physical connection does not only mean sex; it includes other forms of intimacy as well. Giving your partner a back rub if they had a long and tiring day, embracing each other when you meet, kisses on the forehead to show your love, or simply just holding hands – every physical touch matters.

If you see yourself expecting this from your partner, then you are probably feeling unbalanced. This also means that you want to show your partner your love by instinctively touching them in some form or the other. Physical touch makes you feel happy, satisfied and protected in your relationship. 

love language quiz
What Is Your Love Language Quiz – Physical Touch

2. Quality Time

Spending a good amount of quality time is one of the best ways to keep a relationship exciting and fresh. The more you spend time with each other, the more you will get to know your partner. Whether it’s cooking dinner together, watching a movie at home, or simply just talking your heart out, quality time makes you the happiest. 

So, if spending copious amounts of quality time together is your idea of pure happiness, then you are someone who values time and companionship more than anything else. It doesn’t matter what you both are doing; as long as you are spending time together, you are happy.

However, there are some things that can really hurt you. If your partner does not pay attention to you when you are talking about something or bails on you often, then that hurts you to no end. 

3. Receiving Gifts

If you love receiving gifts from your partner, then you like things that are tangible. You love it when your partner gifts you things that you love, even without you asking for them. But this does not mean that they always have to be extravagant or fancy gifts.

Whether it’s surprising you with your favorite chocolates and flowers, leaving a cute love letter under your pillow, or gifting you that book that you have been eyeing for days- thoughtful and loving gifts are what make you feel loved and ecstatic. 

In return for all this love and affection, you tend to show your appreciation and gratitude towards your partner by giving them little and thoughtful gifts too. You don’t just like to get pampered, you love to pamper your partner too. 

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4. Acts Of Service

A good relationship is heavily dependent on having a strong partnership. This means that both you and your partner are always there for each other and always help each other out, no matter what. For example, when it comes to household work if you are doing the laundry and cooking, your partner helps with the grocery shopping and keeping the house clean.

If you see that you are having to do everything on your own, with absolutely no help from your partner, it starts to take a toll on you. The best way your partner can show their love towards you is by being there for you and helping you out however they can.

This love language is highly dependent on all those actions that help establish and maintain a balance in your relationship, and the acknowledgment that the other person is doing a great job. You also find yourself expressing your gratitude towards your partner for helping you out with everything, and making sure that you don’t feel burnt out.

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