Love Bombing: If The Narcissist Was Honest

Love Bombing

Loving father? Kind companion? Hilarious entertainer? Are sports mad? Fashion-conscious? Brain the size of Canada? Literary genius? Comicon enthusiast? Friends binge-watcher? Dirty Dancing worshipper? Religious acolyte? Dedicated to the literary works of great American writers? Fly fisherman? Equestrian? Tenpin bowler? Check, check and check. I will become whatever is needed to win you over.

Everything about you will be mirrored back at you, the way you smile, the way you love, the things you like, and the things you dislike. What I show you are not me, good God no, what I show you is yourself. In the most brilliant of perversions, I make you fall in love with yourself. How narcissistic is that?!

So, none of it is genuine but you do not have to worry about that now because the best part is, you will not even notice. I am so good at this because I am designed to be this way and you are designed not to notice (thank you emotional thinking). Settle in and enjoy this golden period because it will be unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

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It is absolutely incredible, and you may as well enjoy it because it will be removed. Yes, I only need to give you the golden period to conquer you and to extract your resources and after that, well I will take it away and then the full horror is visited on you, but we do not need to go into that now. What you must do is enjoy this and I guarantee you will, it is beyond the highest high, this is more potent and more addictive than heroin.

So, there you sit, my crosshairs trained on you, the target on your heart all lit up and easy to see to one such as I. It is time to commence the seduction, time to love to bomb you. Time to make you mine with the application of falsification, fakery, and fabrication on an unprecedented scale.

Do I feel bad about this? Of course not. I simply do not care, but I will make it look like I do.

I am like the predator that has learned to mimic the firefly. I will flash and signal so you think I am ready to mate with and when you come flying to me, all eager and enraptured, I will ensnare you and later devour you as you offer no resistance, confused and dumbstruck as to how you fell for this.

It is all a big con. I am the love fraud and you are my victim.

Written by HG Tudor 
Originally appeared on Narcsite
Republished with permission
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