Love Bombing: If The Narcissist Was Honest

Love Bombing

I must achieve your submission as fast as I can. You see, I cannot cope unless you are under my control and the possibility that you might threaten my control over you starts to weaken me, make me feel insignificant and powerless and that must never, ever happen. This means I have to achieve control over you so I can access your resources – your fuel, your character traits, and your residual benefits – as quickly as possible.

Now, most invasions are a brutal display of force, battering the enemy into submission, destroying the opposition´s defenses, shattering their infrastructure, terrifying their populaces, and annihilating their armed forces with an impressive arsenal of destructive weapons.

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This invasion will be brutal in its speed, you will be battered into submission, I will overwhelm your defenses, I will disable your support systems, I will occupy every inch of you, I will monopolize your time, I will isolate you from any interfering influences, I will harness your assets and make them mine to ensure that you are subjugated. I will not do this with terror however, I shall do so with love.

Well, I say, love, truth be told, I have no idea how to love you. I have no emotional empathy remember which means that I am utterly unable to love you in the way that is best for you. Instead, what I am going to do is give you what I understand love to be (but actually isn´t), and thanks to my predecessor narcissists you have been conned into misunderstanding what love is.

You see, love is actually premised on emotional empathy, which means respecting one another, having things in common, embracing the differences, being patient and supportive, taking time to know one another, accepting who you are and being accepted for who one is, to share and to care, to listen and listen properly. This emotional empathy means recognizing boundaries, it means never manipulating or abusing, it means working together and standing shoulder to shoulder when the world and it is a tough old world, throws what it does at you.

It means not shirking responsibility, it means standing up and being counted, it means jealousy and envy are kept in check, there is fidelity and passion for one another. It is all in the doing and not the saying.

The problem with all of that is that I am not designed to do any of it, but I am designed to give you the impression that I am capable of doing it.

My invasion has three parts to it:-

1. I will use the narcissistic narrative to dazzle you,

2. I will use my powers of mimicry to make you think I have emotional empathy, and

3. I will mirror myself back at you.

All are based on fabrication – the fabrication of what love is, the fabrication of emotional empathy, and the fabrication of what you think I am.

The first part is that my predecessor narcissists have become the architects of the ideal of love. All of that which I just described how love is based on emotional empathy, well they effectively threw all of that out of the window because it is too slow, boring, and will not lead to your swift submission. Accordingly, actually loving you through emotional empathy would be too slow and not give me the control I must desperately have over you. Instead, what allows you to be conquered within the blink of an eye is a fabrication. I will flatter you, compliment you, adore you, admire you, swamp you with my infatuation. I will idealize you and put you on the highest pedestal. I will treasure you, covet you, showcase you, polish you up and present you. Notice what this all signifies, yes, you are an object to me, my object. You will not realize this though because I will drape you with the narcissistic narrative so you think what I am giving you is the most perfect, incredible love but it is not. It is an illusion. It is fakery.

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