18 New Words Added To The Dictionary: Word Buffet


New Words Added To The Dictionary: Word Buffet

Do you ever think your vocabulary might need a bit of a boost? Get set for an adventure in words as dictionaries all over the world have recently added a ton of new words. Let’s take a deep dive into all the new words added to the dictionary and have the time of our lives!

We’re talking about up-to-the-minute slang and the latest social media terminology – it’s as if the dictionary has been on a major word hunt and returned with the hippest lingo out there. So, ready to explore this list of unconventional words? Let’s get started then!

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18 New Words Added To The Dictionary

1. Adorkable

This is one of my personal favourites when it comes to this list of unconventional words.

Since the pandemic hit, it seems like we’re all a bit more awkward than usual. But don’t worry, the internet has given us a name to make us feel good about our social fumbles: “adorkable.”

Think of those charmingly clumsy people who’d rather hide out than chat at a party. Those folks are the perfect example of being adorkable. So if you ever mess up what you’re saying or stumble while walking, just own it – that’s your adorkableness showing.

2. Beast mode

If you’re planning to kill it in the gym or start a tough do-it-yourself project, you’re ready to switch on beast mode. The dictionary says this means you’re super-aggressive and full of energy, like athletes who need to beat their rivals.

Picture a wrestler ready for battle or a builder taking on big jobs with unstoppable willpower. It’s all about finding your raw power to face any obstacles ahead. Time to power up your inner beast!

3. Chef’s Kiss

Sometimes a dish is so good that just describing it doesn’t do justice. Instead, the gesture known as a chef’s kiss says it all. But how do you properly heap the highest praise on a meal?

Merriam-Webster says to kiss the tips of one hand’s fingers and then fling them outwards. And this word is not just limited to food only, you can use this for anything that blows your mind away.

4. Cromulent

This word comes from none other than The Simpsons. Surprised? Cromulent means something that is good enough or satisfactory. Here’s a cool tidbit from pop culture: It isn’t the only word from The Simpsons to make it into the dictionary.

The word embiggen, meaning “to make bigger or more extensive,” snagged a spot in the list of unconventional words in the Merriam-Webster dictionary in 2018.

5. Climate Anxiety

Our world is grappling with growing ecological troubles, and a lot of folks are really feeling the pressure. Say hello to “climate anxiety,” one of the new words added to the dictionary.

This word defines the mixture of tension, dread, and concern felt about climate change’s scary consequences. Think about the seas rising or the weather going wild; there’s no doubt these environmental problems has hit many of us hard emotionally and mentally.

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6. Doggo

These days, calling your dog a dog or “man’s best friend” just doesn’t cut it. People love to give their furry companions cute nicknames. That’s where the term ‘doggo’ comes in handy.

Fun fact: Back in the early 1800s, ‘doggo’ meant staying still and quiet so others wouldn’t notice you – similar to what some dogs do when they sleep. Today, we all love using this word for our pups.

New words added to the dictionary
18 New Words Added To The Dictionary: Word Buffet

7. Doomscrolling

One of the most interesting new words added to the dictionary is this.

Have you ever caught yourself scrolling through endless bad news on the internet? That habit is what we call ‘doomscrolling’. It’s like falling into a pit of endless negativity, where one click leads to another disheartening story.

Whether it’s about the latest health crisis or political chaos, doomscrolling captures the harmful routine of reading more and more upsetting content on our devices.

8. Finsta

At times, all you want is to chill on social media anonymously, or to join online groups without it defining you. That’s where a finsta comes into play – it’s a hidden account on Instagram. Puzzled by the term? Take a closer peek: it blends ‘fake’ with ‘Insta’.

9. Goated

One of the most widely used new words added to the dictionary.

“Goated” comes from “GOAT”, which stands for “greatest of all time.” It’s basically a thumbs-up for someone who’s smashing it in their career. Imagine it as today’s way to tip your hat to someone’s awesomeness.

Keep in mind, this is for laid-back conversations, messages, or just joking around online. So when your buddy gets that perfect basketball score or makes an amazing dinner, toss a cool “goated” their way!


ICYMI stands for “in case you missed it”, and is used as an indication to help someone catch up with the latest scoop. It’s particularly useful if you are shooting off a quick mail and want the other person to be update about what’s happened before.

It’s more of a friendly gesture on your part where you’re taking the initiative of keeping someone in the loop, in case they have missed out on it.

11. Janky

Janky is used to describe stuff that is not of very good quality. Be it a faulty website or a defective knee-joint that just doesn’t allow you to run, the message it sends home is this: it’s cheap.

Imagine something being held together simply by duct tape and your prayers – that’s what janky stands for. So, next time you find yourself in a sticky situation, just say, “Well, yup it’s pretty janky”.

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12. Jorts

Another one of the new words added to the dictionary that’s fast gaining popularity is “jorts”. Jorts is a combination of the words jeans and shorts, and is a popular outfit choice amongst young people these days.

Instead of sticking to the more traditional “jean shorts”, this word is taking the fashion world by storm, because of the genius way the word has been created.

13. Nepo Baby

One of the most viral and used words these days has naturally earned a place in the list of new words added to the dictionary.

Nepo babies are the kids of celebrities, superstars and rich people. Born with fame and fortune thanks to their superstar parents, they get a nice head start in the industry. They’re often accused of exploiting their parents’ connections and name for moving forward in life,

Nepo babies can be found anywhere from Hollywood to the music scene. They know how to leverage their mom or dad’s name to score gigs and endorsements. Talent is cool, but connections will take you far too right?

14. Polyromantic

In the list of unconventional words, this word has to be there for sure. People who are polyromantic are attracted to various genders, but might not be attracted to the people of all genders.

It’s like having a diverse romantic palette, but with certain preferences sprinkled in here and there. Love is love for everyone no matter who it lands on!

15. Rizz

Rizz was the word of the year by Oxford Dictionary in 2023. Rizz is used for someone who has a lot of charm and romantic appeal. They are the ones who know exactly how to make people fall in love with them.

They can charm your pants off and steal your heart without blinking. Because it was the word of the year by Oxford Dictionary, it’s popularity has grown even more these days especially on social media.

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16. Thirst Trap

Thirst traps are those pictures that are more about turning heads than capturing memories; pictures where you are trying to be your sexiest best and look absolutely sensational.

We’re talking those sultry selfies or steamy videos that scream “look at me!” Thirst traps are increasingly becoming very popular especially on social media, with celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Barry Keoghan raising the temperature with their photos.

17. Tiny House

Tiny homes are those homes which are typically not bigger than 500 square feet, and are usually designed to be space-efficient and ergonomic. Instagram and Pinterest are filled with these tiny, beautiful homes and these are the rage now.

Gone are those days when people dreamed of owning huge mansions, tiny homes is what they dream of now.

18. Zhuzh

When you need a little something to elevate a dish, that’s when you ‘zhuzh’ it up. Making small improvements and adjustments to make something better is what zhuzh is all about.

Be it adding a little bit of glitter to your scented candles or adding a dash of caramel syrup to your everyday coffee, zhuzh is the name of the game and one of the most interesting words in this list of unconventional words.

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So, these are all the new words added to the dictionary, including the word of the year by Oxford Dictionary. Which of these words do you use a lot yourself? Let us know in the comments down below!

word of the year by oxford dictionary
18 New Words Added To The Dictionary: Word Buffet

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