15 Interesting Words You are Not Using (Yet)

Interesting Words

Are you going to meet someone new very soon? Thinking of how to make the conversation interesting and memorable? There are some new brilliant and interesting words that emerged with the ever-evolving internet language that helps people share quick texts. Not only modern, but these words add freshness and uniqueness to your conversation.

Are you ready to upgrade your vocabulary?

Here’re some interesting words you could add to your dictionary.

1. Textrovert (noun)

A person who feels more comfortable taking over text than to your face.

15 Interesting Words You are Not Using (Yet)

2. Dejabrew (noun)

Slowly remembering things you did while drunk.

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3. Askhole (noun)

Someone who asks many stupid, pointless,or obnoxious questions.


4. Internest (noun)

The cocoon of blankets and pillows you gather around yourself whilst spending long amount of time on the internet

Internest - interesting words

5. Destinesia (noun)

When you get to where you were intending to go,
you forget why you were going there in the first place.


6. Bedgasm (noun)

A feeling of euphoria experienced when climbing into a bed at the end of a very long day..

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7. Errorist (noun)

Someone who repeatedly makes mistakes or is usually wrong.

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8. Beerboarding (Verb)

Extracting secret information from s coworker by getting him drunk


9. Antistaking (Verb)

Learning a person’s routine in order to avoid them.


10. Unlightening (Verb)

Learning something that makes you dumber


11. Textpectation(Noun)

The anticipation felt when waiting for a response to a text message.


12. Masturdating

Going out alone to a movie or a restaurant.

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13. Mantrum (noun)

The childish rage displayed by a grown man when he doesn’t get his way.

15 Interesting Words You are Not Using (Yet)

14. Chairdrobe (noun)

Piling clothes on a chair in place of a closet or a dresser;
also see: Floordrobe.

15 Interesting Words You are Not Using (Yet)

15. Cellfish (adj.)

An individual who talks on his cell phone even when doing so is rude or inconsiderate of other people.

15 Interesting Words You are Not Using (Yet)

Which ones’ your favorite?

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Interesting Words
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