Can We Guess Your Age By Your Vocabulary and The Way You Speak? – Fun Quiz


Can We Guess Your Age By Your Vocabulary and The Way You Speak? – Fun Quiz

Can We Guess Your Age By Your Vocabulary and The Way You Speak?

Can We Guess Your Age By Your Vocabulary and The Way You Speak? - Fun Quiz

We can tell if you’re a teen or an adult just by the way you speak!

Are you all about the emojis, or is poetic prose important to you?

Are you always trying to find the right words or do they flow from you like a great orator?

Take our test and see if we can guess your age based on the vocabulary you use.

Don’t forget to tell us what you get in the comments section.


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Can We Guess Your Age By Your Vocabulary and The Way You Speak? - Fun Quiz

40 responses to “Can We Guess Your Age By Your Vocabulary and The Way You Speak? – Fun Quiz”

  1. Trish Reid Avatar

    Cool! Very close!

  2. Cathay Williams Avatar

    HAHA – come and try 😉

  3. Lisa Patron Avatar

    I’m 46, and it reads that my vocabulary is of a 68 year old. I like that.

  4. Charlotte Hansen Avatar

    68??? I’m 64… I DO read a lot!

  5. sonia Rankin Avatar

    I,am 56 years old ,thank you for giving me 12 more.

  6.  Avatar

    Lol. I guess that's what happens when ur around 8th graders all day.

  7. Lioness Leo Ramsay Avatar

    Elizabeth Prescott Rabon I agree maybe our soul is 68 years old. However; the result does describe me

  8. Lioness Leo Ramsay Avatar

    I also got 68, what's going on here everyone is getting the same result

  9. Tina Brooks Avatar

    It says I'm 68 but I'm not. The words I'd use aren't there for me to select. Maybe it works better if you grew up/ live in the USA.

  10. Adeela Choudry Avatar

    today im 45 years old. i thought i would come out to be 10.

  11. Alisa Graham Avatar

    So ! I'm 68 😛

  12. Danielie De Matos Avatar

    hmmm I got 68 too…we can't all be eclectic and take things with a grain of salt!

  13. Bic Mitchum Avatar

    I more feel it's mature minds; been there done that kind of scenario. 68 huh! I have not even crossed 50 yet.

    1. The Minds Journal Avatar

      The soul … the mind

    1. The Minds Journal Avatar

      seems like we all are brothers and sisters.. born in the same year.

    1. The Minds Journal Avatar

      Much of true for you. Precisely !!

  14. Bic Mitchum Avatar

    Lol! 68. The results I take with a bucket of salt not ah pinch. Lol

    1. The Minds Journal Avatar

      haha… i chose that too – take that with a pinch o salt :p

  15. Elizabeth Prescott R Avatar

    Haha! I had got 68 as well. Maybe, I should try a redo too! ! 🙂 That might be the age of my soul? Lol

    1. The Minds Journal Avatar

      Soul…yea.. then that figure makes sense

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