27+ Cool New Words To Add To Your Daily Conversations

Cool New Words Add To Daily Conversations

Have you come across a few new words that are on everyone’s lips these days that aren’t even in the dictionary? Well here are a few for you to learn.

English is an ever-evolving language with new words cropping up every now and then. In this age of social media, these new words are getting immense popularity amongst the youth due to them being cool, fun and most importantly, relatable.

27+ New Words With Meanings For You To Learn

1. Bedgasm

What does the fantastic word “Bedgasm” mean, which combines two of our favorite things?

The urban dictionary defines a bedgasm as a sense of complete euphoria that peaks upon getting into bed after an 18-hour workday, a lengthy road trip, or hours of physically taxing physical exertion. The physical release has been compared, in ideal circumstances, to an intense sexual experience.

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2. Masturdating

Masturdating is merely the act of dating oneself, and it’s from the snarky name.

This new word refers to getting away from it all and spending some quality time by oneself.
You don’t have to wait for someone to ask you out on a date; just get dressed and go for it. Spend some time visiting the newest exhibition in town or that adorable eatery serving delectable fare.

3. Askhole

Do you know what an askhole is? It’s a term that has lately been used to characterize someone who seeks your advice but never acts on it.

4. Chairdrobe

The practice of arranging clothing on a chair to serve as a substitute for a dresser or closet. One can always rely on a floordrobe if a chair is not readily accessible.

5. Nonversation

A pointless exchange in which nothing is explicitly stated, explained , or elaborated upon. This often happens in gatherings like parties, bars, or other occasions where having a meaningful discussion is next to impossible.

6. Textpectation


When a text message is sent, there is an expectation that the recipient will reply. This wait, which is typically excruciatingly lengthy, is referred to as the “texpectation.”

7. Destinesia


Destinesia is when one if affected with the loss of memory to recall the purpose or intention of one’s destination. However, this is not a medical term.

8. Errorist


Someone who repeatedly makes mistakes or propagates error. Holds on to a mistaken belief and thinks it is true, but anyone with common sense can see they’re wrong.

9. Carcolepsy

New Words With Meaning

Being unable to stay awake and attentive while riding in a car or any other vehicle, such as a train, plane, or bus.
irrespective of whether you are a driver or passenger.
Do any of your traveling companions fall asleep as soon as the car begins to move?

10. Cellfish


People that only pay attention to their phones while they are with you. Have you come across somebody like this?

11. Hiberdating


It’s when someone is dating and chooses to ignore their friends. The hiberdating couple may occasionally appear in public gatherings.

The two will annoy everyone in their surrounding during these appearances by never acknowledging anyone but only being with each other and constantly touching or caressing each other.

12. Ambitchous


A person who is extremely ambitious will not hesitate to walk on others in order to achieve their goals.

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13. Internesting


A pile of cushions and blankets where you can hide while using the internet for long periods of time.

14. Afterclap

New English Words Trending

An unanticipated, frequently unpleasant follow-up to a case that had been considered solved.

15. Youniverse

New English Words Trending

It means “you are the universe”. This describes a person who is utterly egocentric, arrogant, and selfish, primarily narcissistic.

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16. Unkeyboardinated


When you are unable to type without making frequent errors. Are you unkeyboardinated?

17. Dudevorce


When two closest buddies officially break up because of a stupid argument, generally involving a girl.

18. Beerboarding


A contentious method of encouraging a buddy or coworker to spill information they shouldn’t be by getting them drunk and letting them lose control of their mouth.

19. Epiphanot


A concept that initially seems like a brilliant idea but later proves to be useless, dumb, or untrue and frequently serves as the impetus for poor choices.

20. Columbusing


the act of learning something that is new to you but well-known to another group, particularly a minority group, and acting as though it is revolutionary to everyone

21. Unlightening


It is a process of learning something that makes a person feel dumber, less informed or educated.

22. Nomonym


An ingenious name for food that tastes similar to another dish; it derives from the words “homonym” and “nom,” which both refer to eating and are used to describe words with the same spelling but distinct meanings.

23. Doppelbanger

Trendy New Words With Meaning

A person who engages in sexual activity with a stranger who shares looks identical to them but isn’t related.

24. Nerdjacking


Taking over a conversation by bringing up an unusual subject or going into great detail about a familiar one.

25. Asstag

Trendy New Words To Learn

Name of another person tattooed on a male or female, typically on the lower back or ass.

26. Juggersnot

27. Irrightional

Learn New Words In English

A person who unreasonably thinks they are always correct.

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28. Eglaf 

New English Words Trending

It is literally a meaningless word and it can be used in place of any word.

29. Onlineness

This is a phenomenon where a person always tries to keep an online presence so they can respond immediately on all Internet platforms, news or memes, no matter how trivial.

30. Extralineaphobia

New Words To Learn On The Internet

Onlineness may lead to acute loneliness and pathological syndromes such as extralineaphobia – an irrational fear of being offline and missing out on social life updates.

So, there are you go! These are all the brilliant new words that we think should be added to the dictionary. Let us know in the comments, how many words did you already know?

If you want to know more about new words which should be added to the dictionary, then check out this video below:

24+ Brilliant New Words We Should Add To A Dictionary
24+ Brilliant New Words We Should Add To A Dictionary
Cool Words Add To Daily Conversations
Cool New Words Add To Daily Conversations pin

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