8 Lessons Women Never Learn About Men

Lessons Women Never Learn About Men

Not every romantic relationship works out, and there might a lot of reasons behind that. Women might be more emotionally intelligent than men, but there are certain lessons women never learn about men, which then leads to breakups. Sometimes, women don’t even realize that they are doing certain things that are threatening to destroy their relationship.

If men and women could completely understand each other, they would never have any difficulties in a relationship. 

When a couple breaks up, both the parties are responsible for it, no matter how many shares of guilt they have in damaging the relationship. It’s not easy to understand the opposite sex but it’s definitely something that can be worked upon.

A few weeks ago when a friend of mine told me that she was on the verge of breaking up with her boyfriend, her 3rd boyfriend to be precise, I told her clearly to look into her mistakes.

I’m not blaming her but women too, have their flaws; women do make mistakes unknowingly.

These mistakes are ingrained in their habits and don’t seem like mistakes at all. The hard truth is, these actions are the real reasons which ward off men.

If you read our list carefully, you will be surprised to find how certain actions you have been doing actually affect your relationship.

Here Are 8 Lessons Women Never Learn About Men

1. You have to give him space.

I understand you love being with him. But if you follow him everywhere, it will become claustrophobic. Loving someone doesn’t mean you should be with him 24*7.

Let him work on his own and have fun on his own. Respect his interests and life. Try to focus on spending quality time together rather than asking him to meet every single day. Give him space. If he truly loves you, he will come back to you at the end of the day.

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2. If he’s meant to go, he will.

Accept the truth! If a man is meant to leave, he will eventually. You can’t force him to be with you. Nagging him continuously by telling him not to go will not help. Accept it and move on.

3. If he wants to cheat, he will.

So your man is a cheater. He enjoys dating other women. How many of his girlfriends are you going to meet and how many times are you going to charge him?

It doesn’t help at all. If a man is a cheater, he will cheat and eventually leave you. So, you should better take the call first.

4. Fantasizing the idea that you two are together.

You might really like him; you must get swept over by the way he greets you or compliments you. It might even occur that you two had slept with each other and it was just casual for him. You have to stop fantasizing that you two are together.

Be practical. If you are confused about his feelings, ask him directly. If he is not serious about you, he will eventually run away.

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5. Don’t try to change him.

You might not like certain things about him but that doesn’t mean you have to change him. What if he tries to do the same for you? Would you like it? Obviously, not! Love him the way he is.

6. Don’t try to make him feel jealous.

This is one of the common mistakes a woman makes. Don’t try to grab his attention by making him feel jealous of male admirers. You will definitely succeed in grabbing attention but it will cause a negative impact.

If your man is interested in you, he will come to you because of the woman you are, not because others are interested in you.

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  1. I lived in Kansas my first 20 years. It’s a good place to be from , but not a good place to be… Thank you for your informative article.

  2. I think this is e best thing i have ever read to make me stong as a woman i have a story to tell a good one its best spoken

  3. Firstly, let me start off by mentioning the fact that the post said “7” and we were given 8. This article is poorly written and I get the vague feeling that even though this was supposed to be written as advice for women, it feels condescending instead. For example: One of the tips mentioned that the woman wake up and realize that he’s not interested in her. Are you a psychologist or have a doctorate so that you can give such advice? I happen to have 2 degrees and I can’t believe someone would give advice to others without being well educated on the intricacies of personal relationships and what people have actually been through. I think the post needs reviewing and more research should be done.

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