Are You A Nasty Dater? 5 Ways To Be Kinder When You Date

Ways Be Kinder When You Date

How to be kind when dating?

You’re a really good person, and you always try to do the right thing; you’re responsible, thoughtful, giving, and kind, right?

But, even though you’re well-intentioned, is it possible you’ve become a nasty dater?

With the increased popularity of online dating sites and dating apps, today’s daters find themselves with unprecedented access to other singles. The saddest result of this newfound access, in what I call the “Time of Tinder”, is that people have become disposable. If you didn’t feel fireworks, why go on a second date when you’ve got 20 other people waiting in your inbox? And why take the time to actually get to know someone when you can just swipe right to find someone shinier, younger, thinner, richer or taller to date?

I call this Online Dating ADD, and it’s a real thing. Overwhelm has changed the face of dating, and while it’s easier to meet singles than ever before, dating has never been more frustrating. As a result, people aren’t treating each other well, at all. And this bad behavior has left many singles feeling hurt and hopeless.

That’s why it’s time to change the way we date.

As a dating coach, I teach my clients to be kinder, more efficient, and more successful daters. I’ve found that a shift in attitude and a few small tweaks can make all the difference when it comes to finding love.

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The most important change singles need to make is to commit to being KIND when dating. Kindness matters in every aspect of our lives, but especially when dating. We need to commit to treating each other with compassion, thoughtfulness, and courtesy. We don’t mean to be unkind, but it happens. And it needs to stop.

Are You A Nasty Dater? 5 Ways To Be Kinder When You Date


Here are 5 things you can do right now to be  kind when dating and to have more success finding love:

1. Stop Deleting Emails Instead Of Responding.

When dating, treat others with the same respect and courtesy you’d offer a friend, neighbor, or colleague. Would you delete a friend’s email without answering? Probably not! So if you’re not interested in someone who wrote to you online, simply send a short note saying something like this:

“Thank you very much for your email. Unfortunately, I don’t feel we’re the right fit. I wish you the best of luck and hope you meet someone special on here!”

Write that and you may receive a response like this:

“Thanks so much for letting me know. That was very nice of you.”

I know it’s hard to find the time to respond to so many people. But if you get overwhelmed, hide your profile and go at a slower pace. Take the time to respond to everyone who sends a thoughtful email. Responding is so much kinder than deleting, so please take the time to go the extra mile. Be kind when dating.


2. Don’t Start Corresponding With Someone Online And Then Disappear.

If you engage with someone, see it through. If they’re offensive or share something that makes you feel they’re not a fit, let them know. But don’t just disappear for no reason once you’ve begun a conversation. I tell my clients, don’t be the reason people hate online dating, lol!

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3. Stop Making Assumptions.

Would you want someone to stereotype you or blame you for the way others have treated them in the past? Of course not. So before you put someone in a box, ask yourself – Do I know this for a fact, or am I making an assumption?

Don’t assume he’s bitter if he’s divorced or too busy to date if he’s a dad. If you have a question, ask it. Don’t assume you know more about someone than you do. That’s not very nice, and you’ll miss a lot of opportunities if that’s your M.O.

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