7 Tips And Tricks For Dating In Your 50s

Tips Dating In 50s

Are you someone who is their 50s, and wondering about the dating scene? Dating in your 50s is not as intimidating as it actually seems. 

Up to this point, you’ve had lots of different experiences in life. Maybe you’ve been hurt, maybe you’ve been disappointed in the opposite sex, but that was then. You’ve got to let go of the past to build a bright future. Depending on your attitude, finding love in your 50s can be either scary or exciting. And if you think it’s difficult to find a partner of your age, check out our dating over 50 advice below!


These 7 tips will help you feel more comfortable dating someone new.

1. Take up a hobby.

What do you do in your free time? We’re asking this because there is a tendency among people to stop caring about their hobbies after the age of 40, and it’s very sad. Think about what brings you joy.

There must be something you like to do but haven’t taken up for a very very long time, like painting, baking, or dancing. Maybe you always wanted to speak French. Now is a great time to start! And no, you aren’t too old to learn a new language. Having a hobby will not only elevate your spirits but also increase your chances to meet someone.

Want to know more about what kind of hobbies you can indulge in? Read 5 Good Hobbies that can Improve Your Mental Health


2. Don’t give up just because you’ve had a few bad dates.

You’ve probably forgotten that it takes a lot of bad first dates to find someone special even when you’re young. Or maybe you were lucky enough not to have to struggle with any of that?

In any case, whatever bad experience you’ve had, don’t give up because it doesn’t mean anything. We can assure you that it’s not about you. It only goes to prove that we, people, are very different. Keep looking.


3. Use a dating site for the over-fifties.

Some of you may have tried a couple of dating sites, haven’t found anyone your age, and decided that this wasn’t working. We’ll tell you a little secret. You did not succeed because you were looking in the wrong place. Not all dating sites are the same.

In fact, most modern platforms are tailored to their specific audience. You wouldn’t look for bananas in the dairy store, would you? If you are over 50, try DoULikeSenior.com. It’s a dating site designed specifically for mature singles. Go check it out and let us know how it went.


4. Keep the first date conversation light.

Yes, both of you are adults. Yes, you know exactly what you need and you don’t have time for games. However, the first date is not the best time to figure out how long you two are going to date before marriage.

Even though you’re in your 50s, it doesn’t mean that there’s no place for fun. Get to know each other, flirt, enjoy your time, do some interesting things together. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to get serious later.


5. Work on yourself.

As we are getting older, we come to peace with ourselves. We get to love and appreciate our bodies and we embrace our difficult character as it is. However, being stubborn and refusing to accept that you are not perfect can cause lots of problems when dating in your 50s.

Whereas we agree that our partner should love us the way we are, we also believe that every person needs to do the work in order to become the best version of themselves. So make sure you don’t stop growing as a person, even if you are somewhat over 50 years old.

Dating In Your 50s

6. Go on a solo holiday

If you are absolutely sure that there is no one in your area who you could date and if you don’t like dating sites, go on a trip alone. Find the location on the map that you’ve always wanted to visit, book a hotel, buy tickets, and enjoy your time. Many people think that traveling solo is not the same as traveling in someone’s company. That’s true.

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