5 Secrets To Finding A Fulfilling and Happy Relationship When You Are Needy

Secrets Finding Fulfilling Happy Relationship When Needy

How to find a happy relationship when you are needy? Dating is a graveyard of broken hearts. There isn’t a single one of us that doesn’t have battle scars.

If you’re like me, you may have learned that being vulnerable and seeking closeness only causes your partner to push you away. Maybe you’ve been called needy or sensitive. If you’ve heard it a few times, I have bad news for you: you probably are.

Since common dating advice teaches us that this is bad, we adapt and hide our true needs and feelings. We put on the mask of independence and stuff our feelings into the black box of our soul. We hide ourselves from the world. If you do this long enough, you may start to hate yourself. I know I did. At this point, any self-help advice you follow is done out of self-hatred. It’s done out of desire to be someone else. Anyone else.

5 Secrets To Finding A Fulfilling and Happy Relationship When You Are Needy
5 Secrets To Finding A Fulfilling and Happy Relationship When You Are Needy

Here’s the problem. This is wrong.

Our society and life experiences have taught us to be attracted to those who make us insecure. We confuse the anxiety and ambiguity in a relationship with passion and chemistry. As a result, we find ourselves in unhappy relationships after an unhappy relationship. We began hiding more of who we are while we become more insecure, just to hold on to our partner.

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This is not the love nature intended.

You are only as troubled as the relationship you’re in. And if you find yourself in relationships where your partner calls you needy or sensitive, than you’re probably attracted to an emotionally unavailable partner. Will that really make you happy?

I want to help you change that, as I have for many of my clients. Below are the secrets to finding a fulfilling and happy relationship that will boost your confidence, your security, and your happiness far more than you’ve ever experienced.

Below are five secrets to finding a fulfilling and happy relationship

1) Your Needy Relationship Needs Matter

Face it. You’re sensitive and needy. Any hint of rejection in the relationship puts you on high alert. Sometimes you are obsessed with waiting for your partner’s response.

Sometimes you text the person more than you believe you should. Sometimes you call four times in 3 minutes, and then you wonder why you did it.

Watch this video to know the difference between healthy and unhealthy love:

When I was in a toxic relationship, I’d snoop through text messages, loiter around places I thought my non-responsive partner would be, desperate to find an opportunity to be close. I was obsessed. It was ruining my life. My friends and family were worried.

Eventually, I found out that we are only as troubled as the relationship we are in.

When we use common dating advice, we attract a person who refuses to acknowledge our need for intimacy and security in a relationship.

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You will never be happy if your needs for intimacy, availability, and security go unmet. The key to finding a soulmate who can fulfill those needs is to recognize your needs and believe they are legitimate.

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