Kyle Benson

I've had the privilege of working with men and women on a wide range of relationship issues. I've helped individuals:Leave toxic relationships to find a healthy relationship that makes them feel calm, grateful for the person in their life, and deeply valued by their partner Close the emotional distance between partners so they feel deeply connected to each otherResolve relationship conflict, leading the couple to become closer and more loving than they ever thought imaginable Remove sexual anxiety to create intensely passionate and longer-lasting sexUse problems in the relationship as catalysts to help individuals grow into their highest potential (and become more awesome lovers)Our coaching sessions are tailored towards reaching solutions that improve your relationship quickly. Read more about my coaching programmes here, Relationship Coaching or Email me at [email protected]

How Negative Interpretations Hurts Relationships: 3 Things You Can Do

A negative interpretation occurs when a significant other believes that the motives of their partner are more negative than they actually are. This toxic behavior is a silent killer of relationships.

The Intention vs. Impact Debate In Relationships

How do you respond when your partner questions your intentions?

How Sex Pressure From Males Can Permanently Diffuse A Female’s Sex Drive

Many a time, too much sex pressure from males can permanently diffuse a female's sex drive.

How Unexpressed Feelings Can Ruin Your Relationship? 5 Ways to Deal With Them

Unexpressed feelings have been one of the main causes of friction in romantic relationships, since forever.

Low Sexual Desire In Couples: 3 Ways To Deal With The Dilemma Of Intimacy

Studies have shown that a few years into a relationship or marriage tends to result in low sexual desire in couples. But why is that?

Is Your Lack Of Attention Slowly Ruining Your Relationship?

The quality and quantity of attention each romantic partner gives their relationship influences the satisfaction both partners feel in the relationship.

Date Nights: Date Like You Did In The Beginning and the Passion Won’t End

Date night boosts happiness, emotional connection, and intimacy to build a long lasting relationship

Negative Emotions Are Opportunities for Connection in Relationships

Negative emotions and negative situations are very common in relationships, but necessary sometimes. Through these negative emotions, you can find ways to strengthen your relationship and also build more trust between yourselves.

Resolving Conflicts: The ABCs of Escalating Conflict and 7 Tips To Prevent Them

Escalation within a couple’s conflict happens when each partner communicates in a way that leads to harsher comments, more intense emotions, and the volume going upwards, figuratively and literally.

Become A Relationship Superhero: How To Turn Insecurity Into A Superpower

Insecurity is undoubtedly one of the greatest challenges to overcome in a relationship.

The Death of Love: The 7 Stages of Couple Separation

Marriages rarely end overnight. They tend to unravel over time, in ways that are now fairly predictable