Kids Activities at Home: Ways To Keep Kids Busy Without Much Screen Time

Kids Activities at Home: Ways To Keep Kids Busy Without Much Screen Time

Is working from home and taking care of your kids at the same time becoming a real challenge? Then here are some fun kid activities at home to keep your kids happy, learning and busy minus the screen time.

Taking care of our children is one of the greatest joys in the world. But when you’re trying to work from home, their constant need for attention, tantrums and crying can be a bit difficult to deal with. So how can you get some stuff done and take good care of your children without keeping them glued to the screen?

Fun kid activities to keep your children engaged at home

If you have run out of fun ideas to keep your children busy, then you will be glad to know that there are many tech-free ways to keep children entertained with something constructive, educational and enjoyable.

Here are some helpful ideas to get you started with kid activities at home to keep them happy without much screen time.

1. Follow a routine

According to a TIME article, creating and sticking to a routine is the key to managing kids while working at home. Author and former teacher Susie Allison explains “Kids are used to following a schedule, so making a blueprint for the day will help everything fall into place. It’s a lot easier than you might think. Grab a pen, paper and actually map out how the days will look at home.

The primary objective of making a routine is to keep your children busy in a productive way and allowing yourself the time and space to focus on other things as well. Another post published by The Conversation states “Children and teenagers thrive on routine. Some children may also experience anxiety about what is happening, and a new routine can help provide them with a sense of normalcy.

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Authors Erin Mackenzie, Lecturer in Education and Penny Van Bergen, Associate Professor in Educational Psychology, believe making a rough routine on a daily basis helps your children know what they can expect from the day. So make sure you include various kid activities into your routine, like-

  • School work
  • Indoor sports and exercise
  • Chores
  • Creativity or free play
  • Time outdoors

In fact, studies have found that negotiating routines help to empower children. This will help you to show your “children the times you will be fully available to them and the times you will be working or busy,” add the authors.

2. Have some dedicated play time

Once you have a set routine for schoolwork and other kid activities, it is also crucial to plan for some dedicated play time. According to author Susie Allison, “When a child is imagining, creating, building or inventing, they are doing some serious learning.

When you are creating the new daily routine for your child, include different blocks of play time, usually 15 to 30 minutes, to keep them excited and engaged. “The more a child plays, the more they learn to play,” adds Susie. However, make sure to limit your or other adults’ involvement in play time as your goal is also to get things done for yourself. But, as Susie puts it, “independent doesn’t mean unsupervised.

3. Get some physical exercise

Physical activities and exercise is crucial for the physical development of children and young people. Moreover, it is also important for their mental health. According to a Healthline article, physical activity enables children to develop a positive perspective about life. It allows children to build confidence, self-esteem, cognitive skills and to manage stress, anxiety & depression. Physical health educator Len Saunders explains “Exercise also releases endorphins, which correlates to a happy child.”

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A study by Tonje Zahl, MSC, of NTNU Social Research, found that “moderate to vigorous physical activity at ages 6 and 8 is linked to fewer symptoms of depression two years later.” So coming up with some physically demanding kid activities at home can help them get the exercise they need. You can refer to some dance, fitness, boxing classes for kids on YouTube or you may plan for some activity in the backyard.

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