24 Signs You’re An Introvert- Not Shy

We adore our small group of close and confidante. We prefer to create and maintain fewer friendships at a much deeper level, over a large group of casual, superfluous connections.


18. You Fiercely Guard Your Personal Space

You value your space and are extremely picky about what you give your attention to and who you let in because the wrong thoughts and people will leave you feeling burned-out.

Our world of thoughts inside our enriched and powerful mind is our most prized possession. We can go to any heights to protect our overwhelming inner world.


19. You are More Comfortable Expressing Yourself in Writing

You prefer communicating through text and email because it gives you more time and space to clarify your thoughts before putting them into words.

Verbal communication is a draining experience for them, so they find it easier to pen thoughts down on a paper. Its more enriching an experience for them as it also helps them introspect as express. Also, its an activity possible to accomplish in solitude.


20. You are Great at Getting Stuff Done

Your alone time is packed with brainstorming, outlining, creating blueprints and putting them all into action!

We never give up till the work is done, at its best. 


21. You are a Good Judge of Character

Because you keep to yourself, you are able to take time and observe the people around you and truly get to know who they are.

Introverts pay close attention to nonverbal cues because we know words can only tell us so much.

So, we’re usually able to see everyone for who they really are and not just what they appear to be. Our prying eyes and sharp intuition goes beyond what shows on the surface.


22. You are Great at Making Decisions

Introverts are masters of thinking things through, allowing us to thoroughly gather all necessary data and weigh the pros and cons before making important choices.

Their problem solving technique is that of deductive in nature which helps them reach a preferable decisions by weighing the pros and cons of a bulk of available distinct information.


23. You Retain an Air of Mystery

Enigma. Ah! the luring factor about the introverts.

We know there really is nothing mysterious about us, but our tendency to stay just outside the crowd, simply watching and observing, while keeping our emotions and body language in check, makes us seem like we are mysterious. It naturally comes to us.


24. You are A Loyal Friend

Introverts highly value the few close friends they have. If you’ve been welcomed into an introvert’s inner circle, you can almost be certain you have a loyal ally for life.

We will sacrifice the last drop of our blood to save you, no matter in what situation we are in.



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