24 Signs You’re An Introvert- Not Shy


Once we’ve been given the chance to carefully process the issue, we’ll be able to clearly communicate exactly where we stand with those involved.

We are not impulsive speakers, blurting out anything random that comes to our mind or beat around the bush. We are always crisp and specific. 


13. You are Accused of Flirting with Everybody

Which is pretty funny, considering that it takes time for most introverts to actually warm up to anyone.

This misconception is usually due to your great listening skills and your mindfulness towards those around you. Your empathetic abilities make you very sensitive to other people’s feelings; you understand them, appreciate them and respect them.

This can often be mistaken as being inviting to other people.


14. You Enjoy Your Time Alone

This may not sound like fun to everyone, but introverts not only like our alone time- we need it. It is an absolute necessities for us.

Having a ‘me-time’ is the only way for introverts to rejuvenate their tiresome body and soul. They might engage in a number of solo activities like painting, writing journals, reading books, listening to music or simply go out for a solitary walk.


15. You are Rarely Bored

While our extroverted counterparts turn to others for stimulation, we are constantly working out our lives and dreams in our heads. We are always peeping inside ourselves.

Introverts are deep thinkers and almost always have an inner monologue running through our minds- it keeps us highly entertained and amused. 


16. You Don’t Trust Easily

You take your time to observe and really get to know someone before inviting them into your inner circle because your circle is small but only confined to honest and genuine people.

Once you have the right people in your life, you don’t hold back and strive to always give the best of yourself.


17. You Have a Very Small Group of Very Close Friends

While introverts usually don’t enjoy much socializing, as they do not have finer social skills unlike their counterparts.

We adore our small group of close and confidante. We prefer to create and maintain fewer friendships at a much deeper level, over a large group of casual, superfluous connections.


18. You Fiercely Guard Your Personal Space

You value your space and are extremely picky about what you give your attention to and who you let in because the wrong thoughts and people will leave you feeling burned-out.

Our world of thoughts inside our enriched and powerful mind is our most prized possession. We can go to any heights to protect our overwhelming inner world.


19. You are More Comfortable Expressing Yourself in Writing

You prefer communicating through text and email because it gives you more time and space to clarify your thoughts before putting them into words.

Verbal communication is a draining experience for them, so they find it easier to pen thoughts down on a paper. Its more enriching an experience for them as it also helps them introspect as express. Also, its an activity possible to accomplish in solitude.