24 Signs That Show You’re An Introvert And Not Just Shy

Signs Show You’re Introvert And Not Shy

Many people tend to believe that introversion and shyness are the same concepts, but that is far from the truth. Yes, shyness may be one of the many signs or traits of an introvert, but there’s so much more to an introvert than just being ‘shy’.

Im shy but Im not shy

All my life I’ve been told that I was shy. I’ve heard it been said so many times that I gradually believed it, until I learned and understood that shyness is the apprehension and discomfort around people in social situations. When I learned that I’m apprehensive of people being around me, l understood why being around too many people for too long always leaves me feeling drained and exhausted.

This makes me selectively social – I am selective of the people I surround myself with. This means that I would prefer a deep yet entertaining conversation with a couple of close friends that I know well, rather than attend a party where I have to entertain strangers with small talk. I personally believe that there is much more quality in the conversation when it is shared between a few individuals who I am comfortable around, as opposed to small and surfaced level chit-chats with people that I don’t really know.

Let me put it this way – I’m not a fan of interacting just for the sake of interacting. I usually have a reason behind every interaction which ultimately grants we a rewarding feeling. It was then that the realization dawned upon me that I wasn’t shy, I was an introvert.

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If you’ve always thought that you were shy, but you’re not afraid of being around people, check out this list of 24 signs that you are actually an introvert:

1. You Don’t Enjoy Small Talk

Introverts prefer meaningful conversations that amount to some useful discussions. We are deep thinkers and thrive on deep conversations about metaphysics, philosophy of life, ideas, theories and big goals and ideas.

But when small talk is inevitable, we can’t help but try to make the other person feel comfortable with surface level conversations. We’re very good listeners and are naturally in tune with the feelings of others and how they express themselves. More often than not, we find these casual chit-chats gradually turn into deeper and more meaningful conversations.

2. You Have a Love-Hate Relationship With Your Phone

Introverts are not the best at talking over the phone. This should not be taken personally by the receiving end. We stay away from or minimize calls of our dear and close ones too. At times we really hate the phone because it’s intrusive and distracts us from whatever we’re deeply focused on or thinking about.

However, those we choose to speak to can be sure that our monthly (or annual) phone conversations will be spilling over with plenty of heartfelt talks – and these calls will more than likely last for hours on end. We also take pride in our ability to text messages in the most eloquent manner, which is one of the many signs of an introvert.

3. You Wait to Text Back

When we’re notified that we have a text from a family member or friend, we wait until we’re ready to give it our undivided attention, to read it, and send a thoughtful response. This may take a few minutes or might even take hours, but like mentioned earlier, we prefer texting back than calling to respond. Unless the sender has sent the message while we’re lost in a vortex of notifications which would need more time and thought put into it. This too must not be taken personally because most of the time we are not adept at starting a conversation or continuing it.

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